Some thoughts on Momin Khawaja convicted under the Anti-terrorism Act

As reported by the Ottawa Citizen, Momin Khawaja was convicted of several charges and acquitted from the major one: aiding a terrorist ring in targeting London England.

The trial was under Canada's Anti-terror Law, quickly enacted after the 9/11 attacks in the USA.

I don't think that Khawaja is innocent, given all the evidence, included an ex-fiance from Dubai.

Although I am glad that a criminal who used his faith as an excuse will be behind bars for a very long time, I am also concerned about this precedence.

First, the trial was without jury, but by a judge. Although this is legal, it is still very unusual.

Second, this is the first case of the much criticized far-reaching Anti-terror Act in action. Normal laws are sufficient for any crime, be it terrorism or otherwise.

More background info on the case at the CBC and Wikipedia.