Traitors or Patriots?

From America and Canada

On one side, we find Benedict Arnold,who initally joined the American Revolution against the crown ofBritian. He won several battles. Later, he conspired with Britishforces and arranged to hand to them the fort at West Point, New York.Arnold avoided arrest, and made his way to the British side, lateracheiving the rank of general. He later explained his action in letter to the inhabitants of America.

Another person is Laura Secord,famous in Canada as a patriot. She walked for 32 kms to inform Britishsoldiers of a plot by U.S. soldiers to attack and control the Niagarapeninnsula. Although she came from a family of loyalists, she was bornin Massachusetts.

Another case is Louis Riel,a leader of the French speaking Metis people, and led two rebellionsagainst the government of Canada. He was executed for treason. He isnow viewed more of a hero for his people, standing in the face ofracial policies for government at the time.

From a wider view,the entire "War of Independence" of America can seen as a just asuccessful armed rebellion against the king of Britian. The Americanpeople at the time were subjects to the crown, and hence rising in armsagainst him was an act of treason. If they were not successful, historywould have recorded this as a rebellion of traitors who were executedand their memory lived only in shame.

From Israel

Mordechai Vanunu,an Israeli Jew who was a technician at the Daimona nuclear reactor inthe Negev, went public with what he says Israel's nuclear weaponscapability. Many see him as a peace advocate and a whistle blower. MostIsraelis see him as a traitor.

On the other side, we have U.S. Navy Officer, Jonathan Pollard,who pleaded guilty for spying for Israel, and was abandoned by Israelwhen he seeked asylum in the Israeli Embassy. Later, he was grantedIsraeli citizenship, and Israel admitted that he was spying on herbehalf.

The Lavon Affair,and the belated honors bestowed on the surviving members of the cell bythe government of Israel shows how history is always being rewrittenand reevaluated, with denial turning into honoring, and saboteursturned into national heroes.