Saudi Arabia's ISPs - Internet / Cyber Cafes

Cyber cafes have seen explosive growth in Saudi Arabia over the last year.

It is practically impossible to list all the cafes operating in the Kingdom, but at least the few of them listed below should give the traveller or the occasional user what they need.

I get requests on what cyber cafes in Makkah and Madinah for those performing Hajj and Umra and wanting to stay in touch with relatives, or those running an online business, and have added the few cafes I know of in these cities. If you know of more, then please provide any information you have on this.

Cyber Cafes are expensive, charging 20 - 25 SR per hour. However, there are monthly subscription plans for a set number of hours that bring the cost downconsiderably. For example, some offer 100 hours a month for 500 SR. This meansthat an hour costs 5 SR which is very comparable to what you get at home (4.5 SRcharge from the phone company), but you do not have to pay ISP subscriptioncharges nor own a PC.

Please pass on any information you have (telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs) on any cyber cafe you run into.

You can contact point this information out.


  • Shabakat Al Internet
    Atallah Bokhari Center - Al Azizia. Telephone 02-669-3464 (This number seems like a Jeddah number - Can anyone confirm?)


  • Internet Society Cafe
    5 minutes from Intercontinental Madinah. Thanks to Zubair for the directions. He writes:
    "Located in Dawoodiyyah Centre, (at the back of it). This centre is near the central Madinah bus station, which is about 3 minute walk from the haram. If you walk behind the 4 big hotels parallel to the haram (Ansaar Golden/Taiba, ... etc) there is Hilton Madinah and Sheraton Madinah (the round building). Behind this there is a Main road which has shops. The shop I remember is called Bugshaan Opticals. On this road carry on to the left. There will be a main junction and the bus station in on the left. On the right there is the Dawoodiyyah centre, which looks like a Criminal Court from the front. Keep walking inside. the Internet Society is located at the end. I hope this helps!"


  • D.J. Entertainment Club
    This is a seemingly upscale cafe, with decorations, billiards (pool tables), video games, and massage chairs. Offers burgers, pizza, ice cream, tea, coffee, and other drinks. 10 Saudi Riyals per hour. Two way Satellite link. Operates 24 hours. Tahia Street, behind Bugshan hospital.
  • Cyberhouse
    Downtown Jeddah, intersection of King Abdul-Aziz Street and Qabel Street, next to Corniche Shopping Centre. They have an ADSL connection (speeds of up to 1.5 MBps), Pentium 4 1.7 GHz PCs, GeForce VGA video cards for video games, refreshments and soft drinks. Hourly rates are 10 SR per hour.
  • Future Internet Cafe
    This is a newly opened Internet Cafe in Jeddah. Heraa Street Intersection with Sitteen Street (White Horse roundabout).
    Telephone 02-658-7258. Hours 9 am to 2 pm, and 5 pm to 12 midnight.
    They offer monthly subscriptions, refreshments and snacks.
  • Tele.Net Internet Cafe
    This is inside the Jamjoom Shopping Center, Al Hamra District, Palestine Street. Opposite Shar Cafeteria. They sell Mobile phones and PC hardware on the ground floor and have internet access for 25 SR per hour on the upper floor.
  • Internet Cafe - University - Jeddah
    There is an internet cafe in University Street in the University District. If you are on the south entrance to King Abdul Aziz University and head south from the roundabout, you will find a big sign to your left where the cafe is located.
  • Top Net Cafe
    Al Sulaymania District, Opposite Fruity Center, Next to Madina Super Market. Close to North entrance to University. 25 SR per hour.
  • Coffe Net 2000
    Yes! This is how it is spelled! on their sign. In Jeddah's Sulaimanya District, opposite Al Nakheel Super Market.
  • Wejdaniat Al Internet
    In Jeddah's Sulaimanya District. Close to North enterance to University.
  • Al Awasem Internet Cafe / Capitals
    Boksmati Center. Intersection of Madinah Road and Prince Mohamed Ibn Abdel Aziz St. (Tahila).
  • Sofitel Cyber Cafe
    In Jeddah's Hotel Sofitel. Al Hamra District, Palestine Road. Tel: 660-2000 Extension 813. This hotel is often frequented by Hajj and Omrah visitors on their way from/to Makkah and Madinah. Therefore, it could be used by those pilgrims.
  • Manajim Al Khaleej Internet Cafe
    In Jeddah's Waly Al Ahd St intersection with Sitteen St. In Al Iskan Buildings east side. Two shops south from the Konka store.
  • Hala Internet C@fe
    Al Tawbah Street, In Al Iskan Buildings west side. Right next to Shami Restaurant.
  • New Millenium Cafe
    Prince Majed Street, North of Palestine St. and South of Prince Mohamed Bin Abdul Aziz (Tahlia) St. Next to Shaheen Pakistani Restaurant.
  • Ashbilia Internet Cafe
    Telephone: 232-4642 / 232-4645. Advertize that they have a ladies section, and youth (men) section, and that they are "the largest Internet Cafe in the Middle East". They offer free internet tutorials, and special prices for early subscribers.
  • Cafe De Paris
    This is a Cyber Cafe operating in Jeddah, and has mens section as well as a ladies section. They have been featured in some magazines, but there was no mention on their location. Anyone knows the address?

Eastern Province (Dammam / Khobar)

  • Ole Cafe
    This is an Internet Cafe in Al Khobar, and the first one to have a web site at It is at the intersection of 10th Street with Prince Mohammad Street, near Corniche Safeway. They show a map on the web site.
    Owner is Hamed Al Khudair
    Telephone 03-865-7577, Fax 03-865-7541 E-Mail:
  • Internet Cafe in Dammam
    42 Street, opposite Saudi PTT and Girls' College.
    Telephone 03-841-5064.
    Offer monthly subscription for 300 SR / 30 hours. They serve tea free of charge. They use OgerTel as their internet service provider.





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