Saudi Arabia's ISPs - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Saudi Arabia's ISPs.Q: Why such a plain site with no animations, ..etc.? A: The answer is simple: This page main purpose is "useful information to the viewer, as fast as possible". The purpose is not to show off web development skills, or the latest technology, but rather to load fast in people's browsers. I hate pages that take forever to load, only to have little or no relevant information. Q: I want to bypass the Proxies and access blocked sites. Can you help me? A: The short answer is: No!. Again, this page is about providing information for people to select the best ISP for their needs, and learn about how the internet operates in Saudi Arabia. I will not help you break the law of this country, or any other country for that matter. Most of those asking this kind of questions are teenagers with a lot of time on their hand, and money to burn. It is good to be curious, but find some other useful and constructive way to channel this energy.Q: How is an Internet Consulting Company in Canada and Alexandria related to ISPs in Saudi Arabia? A: Good question, and a nice observation. The answer is not that simple. The author of this page has been working in Saudi Arabia for the 11 years in the Information Technology Consulting field. When the public internet service started in January/February 1999, he was looking for a suitable ISP for his personal use, and did some research. He decided that other people would benefit from such research and put the results on the web.Q: The prices and speed you mention are not correct anymore. How is that? A: This web site is not updated on a regular basis. The information in it is current as of Summer 2000. Of course, prices and speeds may have changed since. Since the author no longer lives in Saudi Arabia, it is not possible to include the nitty gritty details for all ISPs. So, consider this site as a starting point for your own research.