Case Study: Use of Linux and Open Source Software in Business in Egypt

My brother Omar is a business man with a background in economics and business. He is also a avid open source advocate, and practices what he preaches by using open source software for AB2, his business.As a case study of the use of free and open software in small business, the Egyptian Linux Users Group (EGLUG) has done an interview with him about the use of Linux as the operating system, SQL Ledger as the accounting package, and Konqueror as the user interface.You can read the full interview here:

The interview has pictures of the computers used, screen shots, and Omar himself too. In true open source fashion, Omar has contributed back his Arabic translation of SQL Ledger for anyone who needs them.This case study is used by EGLUG as proof that some local businesses in Egypt are in fact using oper source software to run their business. The business is a non-technology one as well, which drives the point home that you don't have to be a technology company to use Linux.