This is not a blog, and I am not a blogger!

Every so often, a new term takes new dimensions larger than the actual meaning and content of that term.
One such term in recent years is "blogging" or writing regularly to a blog or weblog (wikipedia).

What is blogging?

To me, blogs are just the new terminology for "a home page" from the late 1990s. However, there are a few new enablers that facilitates the so-called blog revolution. Free blogging sites have emerged, allowing people to start a blog in a few minutes. They allow publishing from a WYSIWYG web interface or some client based software, thus not requiring any HTML knowledge. For those with a bit more knowledge, there are many software packages, most of them free, that can be used to create a blog. Among them are WordPress, MovableType, and Drupal. There are also blog search engines too, such as Technorati.

Much has been written about the blog revolution where every person with an internet connection is a media source, often touted to be a rival to main stream media.

While blogging does indeed give some level of power to the people, it cannot supplant professional news and media organization, not matter how we think they are biased politically or by those with money and influence. 

My web site is not a blog!

I started this web site in 1999, and having writing articles on it since then.

I like to write articles about various things that interest me at various times. More often it is in depth researched articles with references where possible.

My web site has found its way to a big list of Egyptian "blogs", and seems to have a few occasional readers. However, the bulk of readers reach my site via search engines on various search terms.

Most Boring Blog Ever!

I don't like that my web site be reduced to a blog, since my writings do not rise up to the standard in The Most Boring Weblog!

Some gems from this blog include:

I stubbed my toe on the bottom step


Having stared at the computer screen for too long, my eyes began to ache


Interior design
I re-organisd my room. The bed is now in the middle of the room, the chest of drawers in a corner and the desk where the bed was once stationed.

and finally:

I had an elastic band that broke