List of Arabic Drupal sites

I often get asked which sites run Drupal in Arabic.

Here is a list that I started. Please add any Drupal Arabic sites that you know of in the comments.

What other sites do you know of that are Arabic and run Drupal?



Not an Arabic site

This is a site by Arab people for an Arab audience that has Arabic content, but it is not "fully" Arabic per se.

The reason is that it is an English theme and does use RTL in the theme. The menus on the top and left/right are still in English.

The above sites are all in Arabic, or have sections that are all in Arabic using the i18n module.
Khalid Baheyeldin

Al-Haraka Website a Kuwaiti Newspaper

I have lunched this site on jun 2006 using Drupal 4.7:

Al Haraka.

still I did not work on any other arabic sites but i have some english ones.

A personal

A personal blog:

An organization website:


اشكرك علي حسن تعاونك
واتمني لك مزيد من الازدهار
سامحني اني كتبت بالعربي
كنت عاوز اعبر عن اعجابي بكل عربي ناجح