List of Arabic Drupal sites

I often get asked which sites run Drupal in Arabic.

Here is a list that I started. Please add any Drupal Arabic sites that you know of in the comments.

What other sites do you know of that are Arabic and run Drupal?




Education: (The Official Website for the Faculty of Medicine - Damascus University)

Community: (The official Website for the Syrian Society For smoking Cessation)

Calender \ Events \ Social: (a well maintained events calender with mutli-catgorisation schemas)

Search in arabic?

Hi guys,

Is there anything that you needed to set or configure in order to let the search engine to work with Arabic?

I'm using Apache Solr in Drupal 5


Arabic language package


I used to be a Joomla fan and regular Joomla user for almost all my websites.

I've been goggling for the better CMS for the long term website and I've realized that Drupal is the way to go.

The only problem I have now is the interface, I want to be like this:
- The entire interface for the website users & visitors to be in Arabic.
- The website back end administrator control panel to be in English.

I've realized that the Arabic language package is not up to date to work with Drupal 6.10 and only work with Drupal 5.x.

So now I'd love to know how to solve this issue as I've read that it is very much recommended to update Drupal to the latest version 6.10.

I've already got several e-books especially the Apress releases. Plus several video tutorials.

So please advise and help me for this issue as I do not want to continue using Joomla, and I do not want to use any 3rd party with Drupal.


*Note: Please reply me via email to know the reply as soon as possible.

drupal sites in arabic

i need to mintion to some websites in arabic. drupal 6 drupal 6 drupal 5 drupal 6