Facebook coverage in Asharq Al Awsat

Facebook has another milestone today.

Asharq Al Awsat, an Arabic language daily published in Britian targeting Arabic speaking readers in the Middle East has coverage on the Facebook phenomenon.

The article discusses Facebook as a social networking platform as well as an alternative media with user generated content. It quotes several professors and "experts" in the field of alternative media.

What I noticed is that many in Egypt would use US locations as their geographical network, instead of Egyptian cities. 

P.S. Check these parody sites too: Ass Book, (check why they are better than Facebook) and the quite dated The Ass Book.

I also noted that an angry Egyptian blogger uses the Arabic translation of Ass Book to link to Facebook.




I first heard the Arabic word for "ass" being used to refer to the Facebook by a young Egyptian woman, who also happens to have a blog, four months ago, and who was angry about it also.

Incidentally, another article about Facebook appeared yesterday in the Egyptian Akhbar AlAdab. How this article is specifically linked to the rest of the universe is left for you to find out once you step into the "Total Perspective Vortex"