New MySQL engine Maria intended as MyISAM replacement

Monty Widenius, co-founder of MySQL, announced Maria, a replacement engine for MyISAM with many new features. 

The blog post by Monty has a detailed FAQ. Briefly, Maria aims for 2.0 to have many proper database features, such as:

  • ACID
  • Commit/Rollback
  • Concurrent selects (via MVCC)
  • Row locking
  • Group commit

It also wants to be the default non-transactional as well as transactional engine of MySQL.

Monty also mentions that performance is not a goal yet. Long term, it is though.

Although Maria itselft is released, but not part of MySQL's binaries yet.

Check the documentation for Maria too.

Questions remain

Where does that leave Falcon, the transactional database engine that is supposed to be a replacement for the now Oracle owned InnoDB?

How will performance be?

All these questions remains to be answered. 

At least Peter Zaitsev is excited