Windows Vista performance slow for you? Here is how to make it faster

I don't use Windows myself, let alone Vista, since I am an open source advocate, and have no need nor desire for Windows.

That being said, I had a brief encounter with Vista. I bought a laptop, which as all of today's computers, comes with Microsoft Windows Vista. As I always do, I reformatted the drive and loaded Kubuntu on it.

Before the two weeks deadline for returning it were over, I found that certain things did not work (something related to sound). So, I took it back to the store (Futureshop). The woman who took it back was so upset when she turned it on and found the Kubuntu logo. After talking to her supervisor, he said they would take it back if I reload Vista on it, 

Vista very slow by default 

So, I took it back home and reloaded Vista on it. I noticed that the laptop was very slow with absolutely no applications running on it. Just bare Vista on it.

How to make Vista faster 

So, I was curious as to what the reason is, and after some googling, I came up with the following list, which may prove helpful to some:

  • Turn off Volume Shadow Copy.
  • Turn off Indexing Service.
  • Turn off Super Fetch.

This should make Vista a bit more usable than it is by default. Post below any experience, positive or negative, with the above suggestions, as well as any other tricks that may help others.