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Verifying Online News: Lessons from the beheading video hoax


Yesterday, news spread around that another American was beheaded by terrorists. The video, titled "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi beheads an American", stated that Benjamin Vanderford, 22, was beheaded, with Quran verses chanted in the background, interspersed with images of mutilated dead bodies of men, women and children. Soon afterwards, news emerged that the video was a hoax by Benjamin Vanderford, and his friends Robert Martin, 23, and Laurie Kirchner, 20.

List of Home Grown Terrorists in the U.S.A.


Most of the last few years' media coverage on terrorism focused on "Islamic terrorism". This is somewhat not surprising after the spectacular media coverage of September 11.

However, this coverage ignores that inside America, there has always been some home grown terroists. By home grown, I mean that they are born in America, mostly whites, of Christian background, and not 'foreign' nor 'alien'in any sense of the word. They are mainstream Americans ethnically and culturally.

Here is a sampling of some home grown terrorism:


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