Racism Against Oscar Peterson

Another shameful and un-Canadian racism incident in Canada.Jazz player Oscar Peterson is being racially taunted by a group of youth who drive by his house. Peterson was born in Montreal, and now lives in Mississauga.He is a companion of the Order of Canada, had his photo on a stamp. He is 81 years old.From his comments in the interview, it seems the slurs or taunts made threats to his family as well.



CBC coverage

The CBC has coverage for this as well.

They mention that he is the first living individual, other than the Queen or a member of the royal family, to be honored on a stamp.
Khalid Baheyeldin


No one deserves this kind of stupid actions and especially not Oscar Peterson, who, apart from being one of the greatest pianoplayers ever, is also one of the greatest anti-racism ambassadors in the world. And then at his age of 81! If Canada's people start to act like that, Oscar Peterson is more than welcome in Holland!