Canada Federal Elections 2006: Multiculturalism in Action

An interesting observation about the local race for federal representation in the local riding: none of the candidates for the mainstream parties are Canadian born!

Liberal candidate Andrew Telegdi, a career politician, and the current incumbent was born in Hungary.

Conservative candidate Ajmer S. Mandur is an India-born Sikh who came to Canada as a teenager.  He owns two small businesses

NDP candidate Edwin Laryea is from Ghana. He worked as a teacher, and is a newcomer to politics.

Of course there are other small players who have no parliament presence so far, such as the Green Party, who is represented by candidate Pauline Richards (born in England as well). The religious Christian Heritage Party did not field a candidate locally. The only Canadian born candidate in the riding is Julian Ichim, running for the  Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist).




Canada and social development

I think multi-culturalism can and does work because our constitution is based on the rights of the individual, not on the rights of a group or of the majority. Everyone is protected under the law.

All religions, and other aspects of culture, like food, add to the variety, interest, and joy of living.

Nationhood provides us with the obligation to have a constitution that provides rights and safety for all citizens. I think that all countries throughout the world should review their constitutions and make any changes necessary to accomplish this.

The rights of the individual citizen should be guarded with a vengance by a responsible government.

It could be a beautiful world. I just hope we can make it work. There is a place for everyone.