Burqini: an Islamic swimsuit for Muslims and non-Muslims alike?

A new phenomenon in dress, dubbed the Burkini (Burqa + Bikini) is making headlines around the world.

Australia, to Turkey to the USA, women (Muslim and non-Muslim alike)
are wearing the new swimsuit that covers most of the body.

One Mecca Laa Laa in Sydney, Australia is in a lifesaving beach patrol, wearning this new swimsuit. Ronza Othman swims in the ocean because of it.

Splashgear sells the outfits online.

Via Time.com and Chicago Sun Times, and mad it to Digg as well.



Muslim Swim Suit

Ahiida has a point, burqini is their trade mark. Agreed.

Why can't muslim women try another brands if they are offered with reasonable pricing and same or more than of ahiida quality?

I don't agree with intellectual property rights of a swim wear for muslims. In fact, before ahiida turkish made such thing. Ahiida did well in marketing.


Islamic Swimwear

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