Exposure to incense causes cancer

For the longest of time, I have had this aversion to incense. It is occasionally used in the Middle East, in homes, mosques, wedding halls, guest reception areas in homes, and the like. My chest and my tummy do not like the smell of incense, and the smoke it produces.

I have long thought of incense as being identical to second hand tobacco smoke, minus the foul smell.

Now a study published in the journal: Cancer, confirms that incense is indeed a cause for cancer, after prolonged exposure. 

Indoor concentrations of particulate matter from burning incense has
been found to far exceed outdoor air quality standards, and can
potentially produce more particulate matter than second-hand tobacco
smoke, previous studies have shown.

Burning incense almost doubled the risk of squamous cell carcinomas
in the upper respiratory tract, such as the nose and sinuses, tongue,
mouth and larynx.

"Given the widespread and sometimes involuntary exposure to smoke of
burning incense, these findings carry significant public health
implications," the study's authors concluded.


Via the CBC.



It does take prolonged

It does take prolonged exposure and also the quality of the incense and HOW you burn it comes into play as well.

Quality and time depends

It is correct that exposure to incense causes cancer but it happens only if there is long time of exposure. If incense is of good quality then there is less chance of cancer. But thanx for spreading awareness about cancer in public.