State of Vermont wants to join Canada

As if it is not enough that some Americans want to move to Canada, now an entire state wants to join as well!It is ironic that the 11th state of the union, Vermont, wants to secede and join Canada. A web site, Vermont Canada has been launched, and media in Canada are covering this news.I have no idea how widespread the support of such a movement is in Vermont, but I don't think the United States will allow any state to secede though.



Go Canada go!

We kick American @$$!

Oh yeah!

Bout time. Us stupid Americans are just fat consuming blinded by patriotness freaks. I think Vermont can do better then that.

Canada eh?

Id like to say that everyone in Canada would love to see you join us. Based on the comments though ( dates ) I have to wonder if this is still an on going issue .


The issue is still going on! There are protests everywhere here! People are taking French classe like crazy! Separate Vermont! The time is now!


I'd find it more inspiring if Vermont wanted to just be independent, but at least they are giving a good slap to the awful U.S. government. I don't know how much better Canada's is, but I do find some of their policies mouth watering.

Living in Canada

I find it ironic that some Americans wants to live in Canada.
As a life Long hockey fan, one who has visited every part of Canada I can't begin to count how many Canadians I've been lucky enough to meet. Canada is a wonderful country but I'm routinely surprised to find many often saying they would like to live in the States. Some have moved here including an indivdual who has become a close friend who is from the Ottawa area. There is one common situation I've noticed. The Americans who want out seem to have such a negative perspective on life regardless of what subject we're talking about. On the flip side, the Canadians who want to come here all have such a positive perspective about life in general. My friend and I talked about this and he said in jest that maybe we should have an exchange program and that at least it would make it easier to get here for many Canadians. That sounds great but I don't think it would be very fair for Canada. I guess the " grass is greener" effect depends on your perspective.