Canadian Humor: Americans have it easy ...

Several years ago, I found this gem on Usenet. Someone was saying that they were moving to Canada, and they were asking where to buy electronics in Canada, via mail order from the USA or where.

Someone asked: I'm about to move to Canada shortly and I want to know where do Canadians go buy softwares and hardwares? Would you prefer mail order to buying it from the stores? For mail order, would buying from a US company be cheaper than buying from a Canadian company? Thanks for the info.

To which Brad Ball, in true Canadian humor (rather humour) replied:

You guys are really lucky in the USA. You know... malls, chain stores, electronics warehouses, online ordering, etc. Here in Canada, we have to travel by dog team to northern Manitoba to buy computer hardware/software. There is a little Igloo there (yep, built from snow and ice) and the owner is pretty nice. He doesn't speak English but you can just grunt once for "Yes" or twice for "No". It's kind of a universal language here in Canada. I usually travel there in late summer when the temperature is only -20C. Last summer I got a wicked deal on Doom II and NHL 84, only cost me three beaver pelts!!! Too bad my right arm got frost bitten on the journey and I had to have it amputated. The year before that I traded a bear skin for what I thought was a VCR. When I got home I was disappointed to find out it was a vacumn cleaner! Like I said, you guys in the USA sure are lucky. Brad Ball

What is funnier is that these stereotypes about Canada persist. One of my daughters' friends went to the USA with her parents. There, some American girl asked her if she lives in an Igloo in Canada? When the Canadian said "No!", the American replied: "Oh, you must be one of the fortunate Canadians who live in a log cabin!"Indeed, life imitates humor. 



perhaps if canadians were a

perhaps if canadians were a little less vague, a straight answer would suffice. The person was not making a stark generalization, they were simply asking, what with the taxes on items being so high in Canada, what their best options would be. How did this person know where in Canada they were moving to, if they had never visited there before, why would anyone suspect that they would know where all the stores are, if there would be any? That would be akin to a Canadian speaking of moving to Alabama and wondering where they could get items from, or if they had to shop at the wal-mart or not to find items. It simply was a case of this person was asking an honest question and they were mocked. How unfortunate for some Canadians that they feel that everything is a stereotypical American attack and that they are making fun of the Canadian people. Learn to take things at face value, don't read too much into things that aren't there and maybe, just maybe, people would begin to understand the Canadian experience, rather than have it leave a bad taste in their mouths.

Hey, Anonymous? Take it from

Hey, Anonymous? Take it from a Canadian --- You Americans are too sensitive! This Brad fellow was simply making a joke --- A joke, I might add, which was aimed at his fellow Canadians, not Americans.

That's the difference between American humour and Canadian humour --- We poke fun of each other, whereas you Americans poke fun of everyone else ... And in doing that, you grow paranoid, and automatically assume everyone else is out to put you all down!

My suggestion to you, Anonymous: Sit down, grab a good Candadian beer, and try to relax a bit, eh?

Geez, no wonder you guys are always busy fighting in wars ... The least thing sets you off! =P ((My try at a little American humour. I think I failed, 'cause I'm gonna be honest --- I just don't grasp most American jokes. =P))

I'm an American, and I

I'm an American, and I thought his joke was pretty funny. When I lived in Northern Wyoming we made similar jokes concerning the weather and that people from Wyoming are beleived to all be cowboys and have massive cattle ranches. I agree though most Americans are way too sensitive, and simply love to give a lecture to others on behavior.

Take it from a Canadian

I can sympathize with your confusion with American jokes. But you really have to be more specific because there are so many different ethnic social communities. Melting pot and all..."Don't you know":-) My try at Canadian humor. I'm sorry if you think all Americans are war mongers, but you have to consider that if a small group of people want world publicity the easiest way is to target Americans and or American property. We are fighting in Afganistan but our allies (Canada included) are right there with us. As for the decisions made world wide by our leaders, please note that just because an individual is elected as our President it doesn't necessarily mean he was elected by the MAJORITY of Americans. Confused? Me too. All I ask for is the benefit of the doubt as a person.

Canadian Humor: "Americans have it easy"

To Mallory; Brad came across a bit sarcastic and eventually closed his "joke" without helping. You would think that if he intended his reply as a joke that he would eventually offer some sort of helpful reply. As for fighting in wars I believe Canadian forces are fighting in Afganistan today along side of American forces. You seem just as guilty of stereotyping as everyone else. America is cleaning up the worlds problem and getting blamed for anything derogatory, but they are also doing good. And just for your info, politicians make our decisions and just because a person was elected as our President doesn't mean that they were elected by the MAJORITY of our population. Confusing huh? So please try to give individual Americans the benefit of the doubt. Thanks.

Too funny!

I am Canadian and as soon as I read that I laughed! if that happens to me in the US, I will probably say something like that but then tell htem the truth after. :P Oh! And Canadians pronounce scissors as Skizzors.