Magic Land

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The Magic Land Amusement/Theme park lies West of Cairo, in the 6th of October City.

Below are some pictures from the park

(Click here for a larger image) Dolphin Show - by Viktor a Russian trainer.

The Dolphin Disc Jokey in the foreground is named Ahmed Salma and he will normally ask if any one of the audience knows his name, and if someone knows, he would give him a present.

(Click here for a larger image) The Dolphins saying "Hi!" to the audience.
(Click here for a larger image) Jumping high to get a fish...
(Click here for a larger image) This is a really nice act! Both dolphins and Viktor go deep under the water. The dolphins together push Viktor from below the surface, gaining speed and making him jump above the water's surface to strike the yellow ball.
(Click here for a larger image) Seal Show by Andrea, also a Russian trainer.

In this photo, Andrea is sweeping the floor, and the seal also sweeps the floor.

(Click here for a larger image) Saying "Hi!" to the audience in response to applause...
(Click here for a larger image) This is a pre-historic Mamoth hunt scene from the Dinosaur island.
(Click here for a larger image) Clown Selling spring-loaded Ice Cream Cones




I just have one question; I am planning my visit to Cairo during Christmas, so I wonder if you have shows during this period since the wether may be a little bit cold.
thank you

dolphin show

I wanted to ask u the timing and dates for the dolphin show in the first week of august since i will b here in cairo during that time and my children will love to watch the show.


Hey there,
Did they tell you the dolphins' names there at all?

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With the best Greet

Rita Schneiders


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Is the park open on 14th and 15 May 2010.
And will there be dolfin show and what are the timings.


Fare and timings

Hi, Can you any one tell me what are the show timings and fare?

sad dolphins

Dolphins die in pools, they hate it. Some of them kill themselves by holding their breath under the water. You should think about that. You want your kids to watch dolphins, take them to the red sea, or let them watch national geographic.