Egyptian Humor: Nokat, Jokes نكت مصرية

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Egyptians are known to crack up new jokes every day. If the joke is not on politics, rulers, daily life, Upper Egyptians, then it is on themselves. Jokes help the average Egyptian get along with crowded streets, the boss at work, the spouse at home, and many other daily ordeals.

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محشش لقي كنز قال: كويس فاضل الخريطة !!

sho hal habal ana ba3do ma

sho hal habal ana ba3do ma shofet. lesa egyptian people are ,ore better than the saudi arabia people. ento ahl s3odya msh shatrne wala fe she ela fe el 7ake bas

mafish ahbal menak ya

mafish ahbal menak ya lebnany ya beta3 el shawerma...wala a2olak ro7 wa2afely tax min betoo3 araybak


thanks for the nice comand



u r right

i am moroccan and i went to libanon and i love it its the best place to go in holydays better then the place in egypte that only wants ur money but in libanon they want ur happenes


well, iam from egypt and i don't think i can let u say that bout egypt because it is my country and everyone is welcome in it. if u want to go to egypt then go, if not then dont go and dont say bad things bout it. and it's called egypt not egypte.

la walahy masr a7san balad

la walahy masr a7san balad fel donya w hatfdl kda tool el 3omr