On the Baheyeldin Family, members, background, history, and more

Ahmad Baheyeldin


This is Ahmad Omar Baheyeldin, a third generation member of the Baheyeldin dynasty,born 31 October 2001. Son of Omar Baheyeldin and his wife Sawsan El Sammak.Ahmad Baheyeldin, November 2001. Only a few weeks old.Ahmad Baheyeldin November 2001.

Omar Baheyeldin


Hello! I am Omar Baheyeldin! I live in Alexandria, Egypt.

My company is AB2, which does export import of spare parts and clothing.

My elder brother, Khalid made up this page for me, since he seems to have a lot of free time, and stumbled across the pictures below.

I own a Landrover Defender 110, and like to go on desert safaris West of Alexandria, Egypt.

Sarah Baheyeldin


Hello, I am Sarah Khalid Baheyeldin, and I used to live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and go to Manarat School. Now I live in Ontario, Canada.

This is me a few years ago, in 1995.
This a photo of me in March 2000. When during Eid Al Adha days, we went to a farm west of Alexandria (In Borg El Arab, belonging to my father's uncle.

When I grow up and be rich, I would like to have a large house with a farm, so I can have a pet pony in it.


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