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Occasionally, visitors to this web site do take the time and send feedback to me on what they read. Here is a selection of some recent comments that I got.From: Anonymous Coward ;)

Hi, I do find your site pretty interesting and educational, mostly your Linux related stuff, but I noticed pretty disturbing your copyrightdisclaimer -plenty of noGPL spirit- and I suggested you to change thoseterms.

Well Mr. Anonymous, I did change the license quite a bit (see the link at the footer of this page). It needed an overhaul, and your comment did help. It may not be fully GPL nor Creative Commons, but it is somewhat closer to that spirit.From: Anna, USA

Dear KhalidIt'll take me many visits to browse through all your content. Wow!Keep up your good work in the Great White North.

And later:

[The site has] a pretty good layout... it's easy to navigate through the site.I truly enjoy reading about your Baheyeldin Dynasty. It adds a personal touch to your overall presentation.Your two young daughters are very cute.I'm sort of amused by the way you described your snow shoveling exercise and frosty car windshield.

Actually Anna, they are three cute daughters. I did not put an up to date group photo yet, and should really do so soon.From: Daniel, Brazil

Great article! I've succeeded creating the boot floppy disk afterreading your notes.

From: Dick, Scotland

Thanks for your excellent contribution, which of the many I tried was the only one to work. It hung on the graphics, but by adding vga=788 to syslinux.cfg - worked fast and well!Thanks again.I hope the dynasty prospers!!

From: Catarina, UK

My father and I have just used your site to get information on the meaning of the Spanish place-name, Albuquerque. Thank you for putting this information on your website. We found it very helpful and interesting.

From: William G, USA

Your information on Frank Herbert's Dune was well-recieved!

From: Dave, USA

Hey, this [Frank Herbert Dune article] looks a lot more detailed than before. Thanks again for adding the Arabic script, it looks real nice. I'll have to link to this on my page when I get a chance to redo it.

From: Hwa Jin, South Korea

Hello, I'm the Korean vistor who translated your article about "Dune".I just looked your article page linked to my blog. As you know, Ididn't get your approval on translating it.But looking the article page, I think you have the kindness about that.If it is not too late, would you give me a approval of quotation?

From: MajQa, USA

I am linking to your website from my blog and briefly comment on how (or why) I am doing so here.

From: Dave R, a friend and ex-colleague, Ontario, Canada

I was just Googling around for some Linux stuff and your site came up!Your site is in Google!

From: Dina, Egypt

A message to Khalid from another desperate pharmacist You know what..I feel like it's ME who wrote the article about retail pharmacists in Egypt. I really agree with you on ALL the points u just mentioned about: why being a retail pharmacist is a bad career choice?!You know what, I was applying for a scholarship in the British Council in Egypt to pursue an MBA and I exactly wrote the same WHOLE points u've previousely wrote about pharmacists' narrow career choices in Egypt, but I didn't get accepted by the BC to have scholarship..know why? They said that I have no passion to my home country and no passion for doing a change! Just because I told the truth!! ;)A.w. Just wanted to admit my admiration with your brave career change from Pharmacy to Computing! I've done something similar too, but I moved from Pharmacy to Banking; not banking in the true sense of the word but [...] basically involves: International Stock Market Investing...It was a real pleasure going thru ur website...

Another feedback from a Pharmacist, John P., from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who seemed to be ticked off by my views on retail pharmacy as a career.

Stop crying and go back to frickin Egypt! This job is a count, lick, stick and we are over paid! Get the techs to do all the work while I thumb through Playboys and Hustler out of the magazine rack. Stop whining!

I am not sure I want Joe to do my dispensing? I guess he will stop that when someone gets the wrong medicine and he gets sued.



Another comment

Tue, 2007/01/23 - 21:18.

Hello Mr. Khalid Baheyeldin! My name is Mohamed Hossam el Din Mohamed, I am also Egyptian (from el Dokki!) but currently residing in Los Angeles (I am in High school here, as you know how hard Thanawiya Amma is in Egypt! I went to a Language school in egypt, though!)

I just wanted to tell you that your site is extremely interesting and entertaining. I am also interested in genealogy (along with heraldry and vexillology, the study of flags.) BTW, I am currently taking Web Page design, so I have , Alhamdullillah, a good knowledgebase of HTML, though no where near your expertise on your chosen subjects, Mashaallah.

Well, Hope to see more interesting information from you!

Ma'a al Salama,

Mohamed Hossam el Din Mohamed

Dear Khaled, After admiring

Dear Khaled,

After admiring your EGC pages, I started flicking through the rest. Now your site is in my favourites and I find it very informative. I felt of word of praise was truly due.

Best wishes

Now I understand why my

Now I understand why my technician, Who was a pharmacist from Egypt never persued his license here in the states and instead went after his dream of owning a car dealership!!!!
Retail pharmacist looking for a way out...(MBA candidate 2008!)

Pharmacy is a bad career choice

Pharmacy is a profession that is much more easily outsourced than others. Unlike other medical professions, you are distributing a product, and your effectiveness is based on how fast you can turn out that product.
There is no real shortage of pharmacists in urban areas. What there is is a mal-distribution, with a glut in large cities, and a shortage in rural areas.Furthermore, the licensing of technicians on the horizon will most likely lessen demand substantially. Proponent of Pharmacy, like the greedy schools point to the large growing elderly population, but the fact is that the use of drugs will not grow that much due to the use of other type of therapies, and enhanced technologies will make the distribution of medications faster and require less manpower. Improved computer systems will speed information and reduce need for direct counseling


DO YOU REALIZE THAT THE BAD PHARMACISTS U ARE TALKING ABOUT MAKES $60 an hour, more that some medical doctors?

So what?

So what? Drug dealers make more money than either.

Money is not everything.

If the job is boring or mind numbing, then no amount of money would compensate one who is bored by it.
Khalid Baheyeldin

There are actually plenty of

There are actually plenty of pharmacists that enjoy their jobs. Yeah there is occasional bull to deal with, but that comes with EVERY job. Give me one better route to making $400 a day at the age of 23. There isn't a better bang for you buck degree than a PharmD. I've been out of school for 2 years and wouldn't trade my degree for a thing.

article about retail pharmacists in Egypt.

Dear Dr Khalid,
I can't deny that you are so talented in writing :) but let me say you are so desperate!!!
I'm a pharmacy student and yea its a bit boring study work and etc even I love the lab working.. but if it was your dream to be a pharmacist you will accept all this besides some people their main dream is to be a retail pharmacist in their own pharmacies and enjoy the prestige and the good salary..For me when I practiced as a retail pharmacist I enjoyed helping people especially the poor uneducated ones which are so many in Egypt..and don't tell me you didn't help any, I believe that some people find it interesting to feel such helpful feelings in their daily work.
some other guys all their dream is to be a medical rep. and travel for some foreign country to get high salary and enjoy the living..some people love the social life and marketing issues.
also the quality control employees, there are sooooooo many students their main dream to work in a pharmaceutical factory..
For me my 1st passion isn't the pharmacy thing actually its computing too but I'm trying to enjoy it as an amateur, practicing and having courses in my free time.
I admit that the pharmacists in Egypt aren't on the100% right way..but i also believe that some people love what they do in Egypt as pharmacists
I have another point..about standing all the day or working all the time and being tired in general ..i guess its not that bad and to have a good salary in any place here or there you have to work and get exhausted no matter it is physically or mentally as it depends but it's a normal issue.
At the end,I just want to say its not that much bad for the people who love it and it is the worst thing for the people who don't as any other career on the earth :)
Best regards.

Too late

I loved pharmacy as a study, well, most of it that is. Microbiology, pharmacology and even pharmacognosy are all very interesting topics that I loved.

Wait till you are working and see if it corresponds to what you studied or totally irrelevant.

The last time I practiced pharmacy was 1985, so it is a long time ago, coming close to a quarter of a century. I left pharmacy and never looked back.

Money is not everything. If someone is a drug dealer he will make a lot of money, but would you want to do that for a living? I sure would not.

Yes, people should try to work in what they love. But does it make sense to study all that theory for 5 years, only to go into doctor's offices and give them samples? Or repeat a certain test every day on the same tablet? Or sell makeup and diapers?

Pharmacy can be more than that: it can be about being a researcher to find new cures for diseases, or helping doctors and patients with the knowledge of medicines.

But until that happens, the reality of pharmacy is just not mind stimulating enough for me and people like me. Your mileage may vary ...
Khalid Baheyeldin