British Columbia suffers third wind storm

On December 20, British Columbia got a severe windstorm, leaving 25,000 homes without power.While strong wind storms from the Pacific ocean are common this time of the year, their number and magnitude this year is unusual.
On the weekend of December 17, there was a strong windstorm over British Columbia as well. Two people were killed, and so much damage to the famed Stanley Park, toppling as many as 1,000 trees, many of them over a century old. The park had to be closed to the public because of safety concerns.

A man who was trapped in Stanley Park for six days was rescued, and only suffered from dehydration and exposure. The fate of several homeless people who camped in the same park is not known.

The week before that, on December 14, there was another wind storm that caused lot of damage and power outage as well.

All this comes after a strong snow storm over British Columbia, and probably caused by El Nino.