Exceptionally warm January weather in Southern Ontario

Although it is January, it feels more like September in Southern Ontario.

There is not one speck of snow on the ground. Temperature is occasionally in the double digits (e.g. 10C yesterday, and 8C today), and it is raining instead of snowing. The local newspapers have pictures of kids playing soccer in the park, instead of skating on an outdoor rink, or skiing down a run. Other pictures show a man with a lawn mower cutting the grass!

In other news, ski resorts can't get proper runs, and are facing a difficult season. On the streets, one sees joggers in shorts and T-shirts.

No wonder, meteorologists are predicting 2007 to be warmest year on record, due to global warming and El Nino.

This is unusual weather for Southern Ontario, and I don't mind it one bit. Time to revive the Canadians For Global Warming activist movement.