Snow In The Desert: Dubai Snowdome

In Dubai, UAE, the largest snowdome in the world has opened. Complete with an indoor ski slope, it has to stay at -2C while temperature outside exceeds +40C in summer. Its cost is 272 million US dollars.And here I am in Southern Ontario, where it is snowing outside as I type this, and wondering why would anyone want snow when they have warm weather?



Second Snowdome

There will be a second snow project in Dubai at the Dubailand mega project previously known as Snowdome.

Here is a link to the project.

snowdome stuff

hi.. haha. interesting.. but something to ponder upon.. what if they say "and here i am in dubai.. blazing hot as i type this, and i love the snowdome!! ^_^" isnt that so cool?? (=p pardon the pun)

hiya out.