Dooced: Blogging and personal/work conflicts

As the phenomenon of blogging gained more popularity, there was bound to be conflict between what is personal and what is work.

Several people indeed got fired because of what they wrote about work in their blogs. This is just one of the pitfalls of blogging.

The first person known to have been fired for their web log, was Dooce. It was a blog about the hectic life in a era startup. From there, the term "Dooced" was first used.

Another person, calling herself Queen of the Sky, got fired because of pictures on her web log in company uniform in a company aircraft.

Recently, a Google employee got fired for blogging about work. This was discussed in detail on Slashdot.

CNN also covered this new occurance about people being fired for blogging, again discussed on Slashdot.

This lead the Electronics Frontiers Foundation (EFF) to issue a guide for blogging anonymously, also discussed on Slashdot.

These, among other things, are reasons enough for me not to write anything about work, with rare exceptions, such as some historical notes, and when something really exceptional happens.

Recently, Osman Husain wrote an updated guide on How to blog anonymously.