Hijacked email account scam asks for money transfers

A new scam is becoming more prevalent. It centers on hijacking innocent people's email, and sending fake messages asking for money transfer.

A Wellington P.E.I. woman is the latest such victim, following 98 other people in Canada, according to the RCMP.

Someone cracked her email account, and sent an email on her behalf alleging that she is in England, lost her wallet, and can't pay the hotel bill. The email asks the recipients to send money.

Overall, the 98 caused people to lose close to $3 million.

Via the CBC.



email scam asking for money from London

I got an email from someone I know, asking for money to be sent because she was robbed and stranded in London. She asked for $3800 for help getting home and for hotel bills. When I replied, asking her to call me, she replied saying she can't call and to please send money to Western Union, under her name, in London. I replied that I never loan money and have not heard from her again. In my email I said that she must have a return ticket and that her credit card company can give her an advance.

It is good that you didn't

It is good that you didn't fall for it. But your arguments were really lame. If someone had lost her wallet, she probably would have no identification papers, no credit cards, no return ticket whatsoever. I mean, of course you were right not to trust the message, but come on: do you really know what "robbed" means?

Fraud Alert!!

I came back from Fifa World Cup in South Africa on 8th July 2010. A few days ago, three of my friends became victims of an email scam, which used my email address asking for money from London. The culprits hacked into my yahoo account and send emails to everyone in my address book. He claimed that he was me and that i had been robbed in London. He communicated in a few emails with his victims who responded to his scam. The victims transferred money by sending the fund transfer codes enabling the crook to withdraw money via Western Union believing it was me asking for help. I now know that Western Union do not ask for identification upon payment. Correct me if am wrong. The money pressed for by the culprit was about British Pound 2000. As far as Yahoo was concerned, it did inform me that it had blocked my account for 24 hrs. Whatever Yahoo constraints might be, it never proposed that i take certain immediate action/s to prevent this scam from happening. In fact, by blocking my account for more than 24 hours overall did more harm than good. it prevented me from sending a clear warning advice to all my friends not knowing what are the best options opened to me faced with this . Beside, not having an access to my yahoo address directory and not knowing what to respond became our greatest misfortune. Im sure Yahoo might have different opinion about all this.


26th July 2010.

Email fraud scams

I was said that one has to buy my product and so to shift that to Nigeria. After that she said that she has made the transaction via Bank of America and that I should transfer the ebay product to her. I did that. And after that I was emailed that the transaction was paused in the way as it was an International transaction and a Trojan virus attacked the bank server and so an extra amount has been debited from the amount, nearly 300$. So, she said to send me an amount of 300$ to her through Western Union. I said that first I want the money in my account and she denied saying that the bank would not allow that as it was for security reasons. I knew that it was fraud as they said that to contact them through their given link only. I just blocked their email address. It is worthless to make people fool. God will never leave them. They will get what they deserve after death. Straight to hell.

E-mail scam asking for money

Some peoplegot into my e-mail copied all the contacts took it over, changed my password and are still asking for money. Hopefully all the people in my contacts are smart enough to know that it's a scam, probably from Nigeria tough the e-mail points to an account in Germany.

All emails regarding sending

All emails regarding sending money to other countries to recieve money