Islamofascism and Islamic Fascim: wrong term now in use by Bush

The term "Islamic fascism" or "Islamofascism" has been in use for some time, specially by right wing talk shows and Islamophobic web sites.

Now, it has gained currency in the jargon of the Bush administration. President G. W. Bush used it several times in speeches recently, including the recent trans-Atlantic bomb plot.

The term is ambiguous and imprecise, since historically, fascism was confined to secular governments, and not non-official religious groups. It also maligns Islam and Muslims in general by associating fascism with Islam.

The term now joins other conjured up fear inspiring terms, such as the dreaded Caliphate.

Hence the term is only rhetorical, and of no precise meaning. At least not any more than Christofascism, or Christian fascism.

No wonder that Islamophobes, such as Paul Sisk, a Lexington Kentucky Baptist minister, has used the term recently in a tirade against immigrants, saying that the "Islamofascists will not stop coming ...".

And no wonder that a sizable percentage of Americans view Muslims negatively and support them being subjected to more scrutiny at airports, and having them carry a special ID.




Well I am not sure if you

Well I am not sure if you have seen the so called Jihadis videos and audio tape.

They have shada written in the background, they recite from quran, they quote verses, mention hadith and so on so forth....before committing terrorist act..."72 Virgins"....

so it is them who are maligning the should be blaming them not GB or other leaders....

Your brothers are commiting terroism on the name of your religion...hence they are islamo fascist....

Now I am not saying that all muslims are like that