Invading foreign countries causes chaos, not peace and democracy

Britian's defence secretary has said that the presence of UK troops in Afghanistan has energized the Taleban. The same goes for US and Canadian troops of course.

In a strongly tribal country, the mere presence of foreign troops can cause the previously bad guys to become heroes and defenders.

Meanwhile, top British and US officials have said that Iraq risks a civil war.

This should put to rest the neo-con pipe dream that invading and bombing countries for "peace", "democracy" and "freedom" works ...

Update 2016-07-05:

Thirteen years after invading Iraq, and 10 years after I the above post, we have chaos in Iraq. The so called Islamic State just killed over 165 people in Baghdad, bombed Median (near the Prophet's mosque), and much more. Islamic State would not have existed if Iraq and Afghanistan were not invaded.

Listen to Kadhim, an Iraqi who started toppling Saddam's statue in a famous media moment seen across the world. He says Saddam was bad, but there was order, and Tony Blair and George W Bush are criminals.



Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)?

Now that a decade and a half has passed, was stirring up the hornets' nest a good idea?

Look at what is happening in Syria and Iraq ...

Look at Islamic State which attacks and bombs everywhere, from the Prophet's mosque in Medina, Baghdad, Bangladesh, to Paris, Brussels, California and Florida.

Invading two countries was a catastrophe by all measures.