Exopolitics Institute Dissociates Itself From Eric Julien And May 25 Tsunami

Last week, I wrote about the supposed May 25 Atlantic ocean tsunami, which received a lot of views.

Now, Michael Salla, PhD, of the Exopolitics Institute has issued a public statement on Julien's article, which is dated April 25. In that statement, Salla says that he authorized the publishing of Julien's paper as well as a press release on April 13 about it to "promote awareness of Julien's research and its exopolitical significance".

Today, I received this in the email from someone called Ed Komarek

Letter to the Editor
May 25, 2006

Dear Editor, I note that in your article about the predicted comet
strike in the Atlantic Ocean and the panic that this has caused in
Morocco, you have given a link to an article that Eric Julien wrote
that has the banner of the Exopolitics Institute on it:
. Please note that Eric Julien wrote the article on April 11 when he
occupied a position of director with the Institute and was speculating
about a possible extraterrestrial response to a preemptive nuclear
attack on Iran. Due to his subsequent decision to promote a public
campaign to warn people regarding a possible comet strike in the
Atlantic region and to evacuate coastal areas, he lost the support of
myself and other directors of the Institute. He subsequently resigned
from the Institute on April 23 and withdrew from all Institute
activities when I and other directors expressed opposition to his
public campaign.

I wish to clarify for your readers that the Exopolitics Institute does
not support Mr Julien's prediction of a comet strike in the Atlantic
Ocean and the board of directors believe that he has misinterpreted
the available data. He has, in my opinion, mistakenly mixed his own
personal visions and alleged extraterrestrial communications with
empirical data concerning the fragmentation and trajectory of Comet
73P Schwassman-Wachman. I released a public statement on April 25
formally dissociating myself and the Exopolitics Institute from Mr
Julien's prediction, see:

In conclusion, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Exopolitics
Institute we would appreciate it if you could notify your
international readership that Eric Julien is no longer a member of the
Exopolitics Institute and the Institute has formally disassociated
itself from Mr Julien and his prediction over a month ago. For the
record, I do not believe that a comet impact will occur in the
Atlantic and that Mr Julien has unnecessarily frightened many
individuals who inhabit coastal areas of the Atlantic Ocean.


Michael E. Salla, PhD
President and Founder
Exopolitics Institute

So, it seems that because May 25 has come and gone, the Exoplitics Institute has decided to dissociate itself from Eric Julien's psychic premonitions. The notorious article he wrote previously is marked at the top with a warning that Julien has left the institute.


  •  Aljazeera article on Eric Julien's prediction of a May 25 Tsunami, and how it spread panic in Morocco.




Exactly, they waited until 25 may, and suddenly they took distance from Eric Julien's (aka Jean Ederman's) and his prediction "over a month ago". Ye right!