Pseudo science: Mega Tsunami on May 25, 2006

Some time ago, a few days after the December 2004 South Asia Tsunami, I wrote about the mega tsunami in the Atlantic ocean. This is a disaster waiting to happen anytime. Others have predicted a definite date for a Tsunami of May 25, 2006, but caused by a comet and more interesting stuff. Today, I got a comment (which I unpublished) and an email from a "friend".  Here is the email, and then a discussion of it:

I have recently received a mail telling that we are going to encounter a mega tsunami in May 25, 2006 in the Atlantic Ocean. I wonder whether it is correct news or not?If it is what kind of decisions have been made to save peoples lives?The mail I received:NASA has recently answered with a world press release to the prediction of a mega tsunami, created by a possible impact of a fragment of the comet SW-3 on MAY 25, 2006 in the Atlantic Ocean. This prediction, based on a clear and precise psychic communication, was confirmed by many sources. This information was itself spread out by an international press release, and taken into account by American media, even in Europe and Africa. NASA headquarters therefore spoke directly to the author of the prediction, which is quite strange. In order to spread this vital warning (waves until 200 meters), Eric Julien has decided to resign from his position of Director of Exopolitics Institute to create a website dedicated to save the lives of the Atlantic coast people, in the East of South America and North America, and the West of Africa and Europe : Eric Julien invites everyone to warn family and friends, who do not live in a safety area, to go to proper places on MAY 25, 2006 : inland and/or the heights. This date is the Ascension Day, i.e. the day for the people to go up. This date, once converted in the traditional Julien calendar (16 centuries long), is JUNE 6, 2006, i.e. 6/6/6.  Julien claims that we have still time to organise the protection of citizen without panic. We must stay calm and face this collective responsibility with dignity. This former military air traffic controller and civilian jet pilot has got the time to develop his sense of responsibility. He proves that the heavy NASA administration, having lost two space shuttles (50% of the fleet) due to a lack of vigilance, does not know all the parameters to claim that there is no danger for Earth, especially when data of cometary trajectories were ?curiously changed?, as he proved it. As former instructor in the French astronaut Patrick Baudry Space Camp, Julien has recently studied the fragmentation of SW-3 and claims that a big Earth change will happen end of MAY. Please, read regularly the updated articles about MAY 25, 2006, circulate them and warn potential victims around you : Thank you for your action which will save thousands of human lives.

On his web site, Eric Julien goes to great lengths trying to prove that a mega tsunami is about to hit the Atlantic due to a comet. It starts with:

I have received information psychically, which is corroborated by scientific data ...

It then gets a bit weird, as he tries to connect that with crop circles and extraterrestrials.It even gets more bizarre, as he asserts that humans are a threat to the security of extraterrestrials.  The fun part is his "Exopolitics Journal", (coining a new term), which was published by the Exopolitics Institute. Back to May 25, and the imminent disaster. It seems that the comet in question has already passed at its closest orbit to earth on May 14, and that there is nothing to fear on May 25.Nice try Eric ...  



Tsunami / Comet

Hi there,

You say that the comet has already passed us, but if you had checked your data, only the main body of the comet has passed us. The tail (This comet broke apart in 1996) is still directly in our path. We will pass through this cloud on the 25th of may. This in itself is not alarming.

The biggest problem here, is that the comet has broken into many chunks that are undetectable by NASA, until about 3 hours before impact. Some of these chunks could be large enough to cause some serious damage here on our ball of dirt.

Large meteorites with unusual metallic composition have already been seen plowing into Australia.

Please read our topic at

This French guy may believe in telepathic UFO stuff, but what he says about the comet seems to be sound.

- Jim


IMHO, no chunk big enough to cause "waves higher than roofs" can go easely unnoticed, and more, I think it would be quite strange for this french guy to know something like "the comet broke in pieces that NASA will only pick-up until about 3 hours before impact" without realising it would be noticed by amatuer observaters way before..

IMHO! I dont really know anythig about the subject but it dosen't sound believable ..

Sorry for my English

higher than roofs

"In comparison to the last images, the concentric wave may *not* be exclusively generated directly by the impact of the cometary fragment, but by the explosive eruption of underwater volcanoes on the mid-Atlantic dorsal having suffered the shock wave of the cometary fragment."

I Hope it Happens

My life is getting a little boring and watching a few million people die is always a good laugh.

it is a shame you are a looser

its is such a shame morons such as yourself thrive off the pain and sadness of others because you yourself apperantly have no life, nor meaning for one, and want others to join you in your stupor sadness, well, there will be a mega tsunami soon, hopefully i wont be in it, if you are soo unhappy with your life why dont your just do jump off a bridge and kill yourself, suicide always cracks me up.

Eric Julian's Predictions about May 25th, 2006

It would seem to me that other Astronomers out there would be posting information about SW-3 on these websites. Eric must not be the only one to come or reach the conclusions proposed based on the data presented.

Also, I personally don't believe that our government in these United States would have the balls to tell the public the truth in advance of such an occurance. They cower behind closed doors claiming to do that in the "best interest" of the people.

It sounds as if impact might occur between May 25-28, 2006.

If nothing happens, I'll consider Eric a nutcase.

He's an official nutcase

Another false prophet screaming the sky is falling.

Eric had enough sense to pull down his web page today:

Enough said.