Arabic on the Internet: Links and Resources

The following is a list of sites that would be interesting for those who want to read Arabic on the internet, or would want to research the technology behind it further.

Independant Software Vendors

As the PC became popular, some independant software vendors specialized in Arabic products, such as Arabic capable terminals, printers, terminal emulators, ...etc.

These include:

  • Sakhr/Al-Alamiah (Kuwait). They were the first to create an Arabic version of Windows 3.x, in the early 1990s. Microsoft hired the lead developer at Sakhr by offering a better package. Sakhr had a law suit, which was settled later. After that, it was Microsoft's version of Arabic that became a de facto standard in the region. Sakhr later moved development to Cairo, Egypt. It is now known as Harf.
  • 01 Systems is a Bahrain based company specializing in Arabic products. Their Nafitha was well known among MS-DOS users, and the Jessr terminal emulator as well.
  • globAlis, previously known as Alis, is a Montreal, Canada based company specializing in Arabic products, such as terminals, printers, and terminal emulators (Al-Sabil).
  • SEDCO is a Jordan based company providing peripherals and terminal emulators that support Arabic.


Arabic Character Sets

HOW TOs, Guides, ...etc.

History and Origins

Arabic on the Web

Specific Platform Issues

  • Arabic Mosaic for Linux and UNIX - Langbox, a company specializing in UNIX arabization, has an Arabic/Latin Web browser for various UNIX and Linux platforms. They also have a brief discussion on various Arabic character sets, and other Arabization issues on the Web. It is a bit out of date but still very useful.
  • Ahmed AbdelHamid ACON - Arabic Console for Linux.
  • Mozilla Bi-Di Support Project - This is a project aiming at providing Mozilla (which is an Open Source version of Netscape) with bidirectional (Bi-Di) support for languages that use right to left direction (Arabic and Hebrew).
  • Mac Arabic on the Net - A discussion on using Arabic Macintosh on the Internet. Very useful for Mac lovers.


  • Aunyx an Arabic language webzine on Open Source.



Website suggestion – Arabic resource

I would like to suggest a section of my website as a link for inclusion on your site. I have a few interactive games for acquiring Arabic vocabulary (with a few more pending assistance from a translator) available on my website at

You might call the link something like 'Digital Dialects Arabic or whatever you wish. A usual description might be 'Interactive games for learning the Arabic language'.

Kind regards
Craig Gibson