Arabic on the Internet: Table of Arabic Characters Latin Transliteration

The following is a table of Arabic letters, with the Latin transliteration equivalent in internet 'slang'.

Arabic (Graphics) Arabic (Unicode) Latin Character Alternatives Comments
ا A
ب B
ت T
ث 'T 'C, TH Think of it as a T with an extra (third) dot. The 'C is a bit awkward to me, but a few people use it.
ج G J Depending if you are an Egyptian or other Arab ;-)
ح 7 Think of it as the closest representation of the Arabic letter!
خ '7 KH, Same as the previous one, but with an added dot!
د D
ذ 'D 'Z, TH A D with an extra dot on top of it. Alternatively TH can be used as the same as the sound of the english word "the". I recommend TH.
ر R
ز Z
س S
ش 'S SH The alternative is much easier when writing, since it is easy for writers of English to use it.
ص 9
ض '9 A 9 with a dot on top of it.
ط 6
ظ '6 A 6 with a dot on top of it.
ع 3
غ '3 GH Again the Alternative GH is easy to write, and is commonly used by Arabs to write their names, ...etc. However, the sound of a native English speaker of GH is different from the Arabic letter.
ف F
ق Q 'F The Q is a very common use for this letter, but the English sound is different from the Arabic one.
ك K
ل L
م M
ن N
ه H
و W, O, OO This letter is actually a long vowel sound in Arabic.
ي Y
ء 2 The Hamza is not an official "letter" in the Arabic alphabet, but a sound that is either preceeded or followed by a vowel (A, I, O).