Another Internet Scam: Beneficiary of Unclaimed Fund

Here is another form of "you are the beneficiary of an unclaimed fund" scam. The name of the deceased rich person is Khalid. What a coincidence ...

From: Barrister Ebunie Johnson Nzewi

Good Day khalid,

This is to officially notify you on the unclaimed fund left by Mr.khalid, who was burnt to death with his entire family, in when their car collided with a trailer while they are coming back from a holiday in a resort off the town.

As the personal lawyer of the deceased and the trustee of his estate, who died with un-identified family or relative I am contacting you believing that you are his elatives because he is from your country and share the same last name with you so if you response I can present you for the claim of US 8 . 5 million he left in a bank here in our country.

I will inform you more once I receive positive response from you.

May his soul rest in peace Amen.




Same scam but with different type

Hi khalid, I also get such scam and fraud emails in my inbox everyday. As i read it mentioned you for money the same thing they send to us and demand for our bank account no., telephone number and some of the people even wanted my AT, pins as well. This is totally fraud. People need to be aware of such scams. Thanks khalid you are spreading awareness by this.

I get these emails every now

I get these emails every now and then, but it all ends up in spam mail and quickly deleted.

Even I also have been caught

Even I also have been caught by these scams. I submitted application form. They told me to send 1 million $ but after sending application form they asked me to send 1000$.