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Strong Canadian dollar, low inflation, low unemployment and steady gasoline prices


Several indicators of a strong economy are causing the rise Canadian dollar.

Fuel prices

Something strange has been happening to gasoline prices. For the first two weeks of September, it only fluctuated between 96 and 98 cents per litre, despite crude oil prices exceeding $80 per barrel and only a few dollars from the all time record of $84. Moreover, the price was identical in all stations around the city.

This last week, the price fell to as low as 92.5.

This is all good news, but why was gasoline 130 cents when Hurricane Katerina hit?

Canada's top 5% make $89,000, and some millionaires pay no taxes!


Statistics Canada released a report on 2004 income of Canadians, and if you make $89,000, you are among the top 5% earners in Canada, numbering 1.2 million.

These are 75% male, mostly aged 45 to 64, and married.

Compared to the US, one would need to make $165,000 to be among the top 5% there.

What is surprising is that the top 0.01% made $2.8 million each, a third of which were in the effective tax rate of 40%. Some paid as little as 10% in taxes, and 100 of those top 0.01% paid no taxes at all, due to tax deductions such as business losses and gifts to the Crown

Canadian Dollar reaches parity with US dollar, peg of oil producing Gulf countries ending


The US Dollar is losing value fast,
compared to other foreign currencies. This is due to many factors, the most recent of which is the credit crisis for housing mortgages in the USA. The long term ones is the debt for financing the invasion of Iraq, and the ongoing cost associated with that.

Muslim veil, Elections Canada and Stephen Harper: why the issue?


I am not a supporter of the Muslim veil (Niqab or Burka, among other names), as I think it is more cultural than religious. But I certainly do not mind someone wearing it for whatever reasons she may think.

Elections Canada said that veiled women will not have to uncover their faces to have their identity verified for the upcoming elections.

CBC reports:

Provincial Liberals try to bribe Ontarioans with long weekend to get reelected


While I all for a long weekend in the only month that does not have one (February), the proposal from the Ontario Liberals wreaks of a bribe.

These are the same party who lied about not increasing taxes, only to impose a hefty health premium. These are the same party who would rather deprive Jews, Catholics and Mennonites of arbitration rather than grant Muslims the same rights.

New media grows more popular in Canada: CRTC report


Nearly two-thirds of the Canada's households were online in 2006,
with more Canadians turning to high-speed internet subscriptions.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
(CRTC) released its eighth annual Broadcasting Monitoring Report on
Tuesday, which analyzed the country's radio, television, broadcasting
distribution and new media sectors.

The report illustrates how Canadians are increasingly turning to new media for both entertainment and other activities.

IT World Survey reveals 'sobering' IT skill shortage


A survey by IT World Canada reveals that employers are seeking experienced workers over new graduates.

In the survey, 61% expect to hire this year. Staffing in 2007 is up 12% for IT workers. The number of IT employees on payrolls is expected to increase by 2%. 68% of new hires are expected to have 10 years or more experience in other companies.Average total compensation increase across the IT industry is 4.1% from 2006 to 2007.


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