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Canada Federal Elections 2006: Multiculturalism in Action


An interesting observation about the local race for federal representation in the local riding: none of the candidates for the mainstream parties are Canadian born!

Liberal candidate Andrew Telegdi, a career politician, and the current incumbent was born in Hungary.

Conservative candidate Ajmer S. Mandur is an India-born Sikh who came to Canada as a teenager.  He owns two small businesses

NDP candidate Edwin Laryea is from Ghana. He worked as a teacher, and is a newcomer to politics.

Of course there are other small players who have no parliament presence so far, such as the Green Party, who is represented by candidate Pauline Richards (born in England as well). The religious Christian Heritage Party did not field a candidate locally. The only Canadian born candidate in the riding is Julian Ichim, running for the  Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist).

Conrad Black Asks For His Canadian Citizenship To Be Reinstated


Conrad Black, the Canadian born media mogul, has asked for his Canadian citizenship to be reinstated.

Black renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2001 after a spat with Prime Minister Jean Chretien, resulting in a legal fight which Black lost. The source of the dispute is that Black was to be a peer at the British House of Lords, having the title Baron Black of Crossharbour.

Newspaper articles at the time were not sympathetic to Black at all, saying that Canada is not the one to lose in this, and basically it was "good riddence".

Famous Canadians: From Entertainment to Information Technology


Most of the world does not know that many of the famous actors they see in Hollywood movies or TV productions are not Americans, but rather Canadians.Names such as Keanu Reeves (The Matrix), Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix), William Shatner (Star Trek), John Candy, Dan Akroyd, and even Leslie Nielsen (Naked Gun) and Lorne Greene (Battlestar Galactica, Bonanza), are all Canadians. There was even a mockumentary (Mock Documentary) in HBO in 1985 called  The Canadian Conspiracy poking fun at the fact that lots of Canadians are in the US, and are not overtly saying they are Canadians.

New web site tracks voting record for Canadian Members of Parliament


Here is an example of how one person can make a difference using determination, time, and the internet.Cory Horner, of Kamloops, British Columbia is an unemployed 24 year old electrical engineer. He is also a computer wiz. He undertook the daunting task of summarizing and tabulating the data from the records of Parliament proceedings.The result is a web site that summarizes how each member of parliament (MP) voted on every single vote. Also, how many times they are absent on votes, how many words they spoke and how many bills they introduced. The results are on the How'd They Vote web site.

Canada Minority Government survives by one tied vote


Over the last few weeks, Canada's Federal government has been in a political crisis. It started in 2004, when on the June 28 vote there was no clear majority for any political party, thus forcing a minority government: the first in 25 years. This can have a silver lining, since no party holds absolute power and all things have to be negotiated.In April, the Gomery inquiry, charged with investigating the Ad Sponsorship Scandal from a decade ago, made public some explosive testimony about the Liberal Party funneling the money for elections.

Stark differences in climate between Egypt and Canada


Earlier in May, I received several pictures from my brother in Egypt of some family members, dated may 2, 2005. What struck me was how I do not recall the stark difference in climate between Canada and Egypt, and its effect on crops.In one of the pictures, my uncle is standing in a partially harvested wheat field, with ripe golden wheat ears showing up clearly. This is the first crop of the season. In most of Egypt, there are three crops per year. In another picture, my brother is below a mulberry tree, with my nephew up in its branches. The tree has white ripe fruit on it.All the people in the pictures are still wearing "winter clothing" of sorts: long sleeve shirts and jackets. If temperature there is 15C or so, it is considered really cold!

Various bits of Canadian Humor


Here are various bits of Canadian humor, all of them about the weather. 

  • The four seasons in Canada are June, July, August and Winter. 
  • Tourists like to come to Ontario in the summer month.
  • A bit north of Toronto, people consider themselves lucky if summer coincides with a weekend.
  • Best way to fight the winter blues is to take up a winter sport. Complaining about winter is the most popular one. 
  • In the praires, you can be sure that it does not snow in July and August.
  • If you complain about weather in Canada, then move to Vancouver. Then you will complain about high real estate values and cost of living.



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