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Canadian Winter: Snow ball fights, snow boarding, sleds, skating and ice hockey


Although the common stereotype of Canadian winters is that they are really cold, and really snowy, there is a lot of variation within one winter. A week or two can make a lot of a difference. This article demonstrates how winter, just two weeks apart, can be so different. It also shows that many aspects of winter can be fun too.

US Army deserters seek political asylum in Canada


While some Americans are contemplating moving to Canada, a few US soldiers have already fled north to Canada, and are seeking political asylum here. During the Vietnam war, many US citizens fled to Canada in order to avoid the forced draft there. These are called "draft dodgers" in Canada, and have integrated well. You cannot even tell they were American.Several cases have been reported in the Canadian media during summer of 2003.

A collection of some funny Canadian web sites


Here are some funny Canadian web sites, many of them with a political slant, specially with our neighbors to the south.

  • MarryAnAmerican is a way for miserable progressive liberal Americans suffering the tyranny of the current US government to be emancipated by marrying a Canadian.
  • VirtualCanadian is for those Americans who are not ready to move can register to be virtual Canadians.

Are Americans moving to Canada?


Now that George W. Bush has won another four years in the Whitehouse, some Americans who do not like this are planning to move outside the USA.Over the past several months. I have seen people searching Google for Americans moving to Canada, and ending up on this humor page on my site. However, it turns out that this is for real.


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