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Some thoughts on Momin Khawaja convicted under the Anti-terrorism Act


As reported by the Ottawa Citizen, Momin Khawaja was convicted of several charges and acquitted from the major one: aiding a terrorist ring in targeting London England.

The trial was under Canada's Anti-terror Law, quickly enacted after the 9/11 attacks in the USA.

I don't think that Khawaja is innocent, given all the evidence, included an ex-fiance from Dubai.

Bell and Telus team up to overlay their network with GSM capability


Finally, the largest Canadian CDMA mobile phone providers are realizing that GSM is the world standard and that they have to provide it in order to compete with Rogers, the sole provider of GSM in the country.

Can this be due to the iPhone effect? As well as Google's Android?

Via CBC.

Maritime Canadians show how helpful they are to neighbors


Halifax officials ordered a 78 year old woman to paint her home, or face a fine.

Someone complained that Jacqueline Porter's house is "unsightly". The bylaws officers told her that the municipality will paint the house, send her the bill as well as a $250 fine. She was left in tears after repeated visits from the bylaws officers. Porter said that given her limited finances, painting the house will force her to not heat her house in the winter!

DrupalCamp Toronto 2008: May 23 and 24 at Bissell building, University of Toronto


Since 2006, the Drupal community in Toronto has been holding annual DrupalCamps. Although it says "Toronto", we have seen people from as far away as New York, Winnipeg, and Vancouver come to attend the event.

This year, we are holding the 3rd annual DrupalCamp Toronto event.

The event will be held at the Bissell Building on the campus of the University of Toronto on May 23rd and May 24th 2008.

Attendance is free, but donations are welcome.

Net neutrality in Canada and political parties stance on it


Both Bell and Rogers have been caught meddling with internet traffic.

Bell provides infrastructure for ISPs who provide the service to end users, such as Teksavvy, and many others. They have been found to throttle traffic even if the end user is a customer of those ISPs, not their own customer.

Waterloo Region among lower cost business centers in the North East


Among cities in the North East of the USA, and Ontario and Quebec provinces in Canada, Waterloo Region came out to be the 5th least costly place to do business in.

Waterloo Region is cheaper to do business in than Buffalo, NY, Baltimore, MD, and Detroit, M, but more costly than Sherbrooke, Que, Lexington, KY, and Charleston, W. Va. Out of the major centers closeby that are cheaper, London, Ontario and Chatham-Kent are cheaper.

The study includes labor cost, income taxes and transportation. 

Only in Canada: 85 year old charged with street racing


A tough street racing law was passed last string. Anyone speeding over 50 km/hr more than the posted limit can be charged.

An 85 year old Ontario man was clocked at 161 km/hr, setting the record for the oldest person to be charged under the street racing laws. What is strange is that 20 other people 65 and older were charged too, including 2 75 year olds.

And this is happening as the coldest weather so far this winter is setting upon us. 


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