Solution to Magic Jack Plus Error 23

Do you have a Magic Jack Plus?

Do you get a message "Error 23" when you lift the phone hand set, instead of a dial tone?

Read on for a solution ...

This tutorial assumes that you can find your way around your router's configuration menus from a browser. Refer to your router's documentation to find out the specific IP address for your router and where the relevant options are.

Step 1: Find the MAC Address for the Magic Jack Plus

Like any Ethernet devices, there is a so called MAC address assigned to your Magic Jack Plus.

First, we need to find out the MAC address for your specific Magic Jack Plus.

This would be under the "DHCP Table" or similar.

The MAC address would be something like 6c:33:a9:xx:xx:xx.

This will be used in the next step.

Step 2: Reserve the IP address to the MAC address

Now, look for where you can reserve the IP address assigned to this MAC address. This means that whenever the router is restarted, or the Magic Jack Plus is unplugged from power, it will have the same UP address assigned to it.

Then we proceeed to the next step.

Step 3: Configure NAT to direct ports to the Magic Jack device

Now, go into where the "NAT" or "SUA" settings in your router are, and assign ports 5060 and 5070 to go to the IP address that you reserved

Make sure you save the settings after each of the above steps.

Now you should have a dial tone when you lift the phone's handset.




Good post - could it be easier?

This was a good post with enough details someone fairly familiar with routers should be able to follow. Same with the other comments. And unfortunately you kind of have to be familiar with routers to see, or even get into, some of this stuff.

But is there an easier way to fix this? I had the error 23 this morning while I was on a call and the line went dead. Not great during work conference call. I tried the first thing that came to mind, I unplugged the magicjack from the outlet. After about 20 seconds I plugged it back in and it had no problem making calls after. Now I don't know how long this will last, but every time I have had an issue with magicjack (if I get errors or not) unplugging it for a short time and reconnecting it solves the issue.

Just a thought of something else to try before diving into router settings.

Same here

Same error, just rebooted router. Try simplest first

Magicjack Go

I have read all of the posts with placing the mac address to reserve the Ip with placing mac address of the "Magic Jack Go" in the location as read on post. I have also in the firewall settings screen set both "5060" for start and end as well as "5070" for start and end. I restarted my router / modem as well as the "magic Jack Go" which am guessing is the "Magic jack plus" and have tested it and have added on my android phone the application and it shows "connecting" and is a duration of anywhere from 15 - 25 seconds and still no dialtone. I am using a Motorola Surfboard SBG6580 cable modem / Router and everything I have done does not appear to be working and am still getting the "error code 23 message and to check the internet connection" all the cables, cords have been tested and verified for connectivity and everything cable / wire wise is completely functional.
Also the magic jack device is new out of the box I'm seeing once plugged in after it has been on computer getting registered etc.. and have the new phone number I then had it plugged directly into the modem and green light flickers the orangish light is on constantly and the on the front of the device I notice a bright blue light with a intermittent faint green light momentarily on then off. Not much for instructions came with box and never instructions other than to connect to computer to register etc then can be used directly from the modem so computer would not constantly have to be on. I'm hoping that someone can help me with my issue as a phone for my home is desperately needed hopefully sooner than later.

I'm not completely tech

I'm not completely tech illiterate so I tried this but I couldn't figure it out on my ATT U-verse Motorola NVG510 router. In desperation I chatted with Vera on Magic Jack's tech support page. Everything she wanted me to check and try I had already done and then she suggested I change the USP power adapter plugged into the wall. This worked and got me back a dial tone but I'm not sure why. I used the old adapter to charge my phone and it worked just fine for that. Go figure.

error 23

check to see if the blue light is blinking on the power adapter. if so, it is broken. just replace the power adapter with any USB power adapter and it should work.

magicJack Plus error 23 with Motorola MG7550 modem with AC1900

Those UPD settings (5060 & 5070) does not help to resolve the magicJack Plus error 23 on my new Motorola MG7550 modem with AC1900 wireless router.
I have to go to the modem management webpage ( to set the IPv4 Firewall Protection of the Firewall Basic under Protection to LOW. This allow the magicJack Plus port to be allowed.
You probably have a different modem. The key is to lower or turn off the IPv4 firewall protection level until your magicJack Plus error 23 goes away. It will take a little trial and error until you find the right level of firewall protection setting.
Good luck.

MagicJack with pace 5268AC router on U-Verse 45

After using a sniffer, I found MJ to use 5060, 5070 & 5182 TCP ports It also uses high UDP ports all over the place so I opened UDP ports 10000-65535. I ran out of time but MJ is working. I think I can get this UDP range down to something more respectable with some more work.


Your solution was the ONLY thing that worked for me. (I didn't need 5182 though.) If you get the UDP down to something lower, let me know what works. It took me 2 nights of chatting with both my ISP and Magic Jack with no results until I googled it for myself and found your perfect answer. Thanks so much!

Thanks RC! This worked. I

Thanks RC! This worked. I changed my firewall settings from 'high' to 'low' and the error went away. You cannot fix by using the port forwarding option.

Worked like Charm!! I just

Worked like Charm!! I just reserved the DHCP with IP address and solved the issue.