Spanish university professor beard cause him to be forced off a plane by German passengers

Pablo Gutierrez Vega is a 35 year old law professor at the University of Seville.He was on an Air Berlin flight when three German passengers approached him and asked to search his luggage. When he realized that they are not undercover police he refused.Why did this happen? Because Vega had a dark complex and (horror or horrors) a beard!Vega says that "they treated me like an Islamic terrorist because of my appearance". Moreover, he says that the pilot told him "the passengers believed I was a Muslim". How shocking!Read the detailed from the AP and CBS.Note: this is similar to the two Asian men who were forced off a Malaga-Manchester flight by fellow passengers. Read more from the BBC



Hadn't Heard Of This Incident

Hey Khalid

WOW, that is shocking! Why I felt the urge to comment is the following, we keep hearing of "stupid yanks" reacting in this way, but you don't hear from any other nationalities reacting in this primitive manner. I quickly searched on (a German news site I regularly frequent) for this story, to no avail.

Suck it up. Better safe

Suck it up. Better safe than sorry. I am very thankful that people are watching out for others.

stupid, stupid stupid!!!!

Well my friend you sure are on dumb person to think this way. Perhpas we should forbid every arab looking person to board flights right? But what about the fact that most muslims are NOT arabic?

Perhaps they shouldnt sell us oil anymore; although we'd probably end up stealing it from them and say "it's because they are jealous of our freedom" and thats a fact, so suck it up!

People have gotten so pathetic, this world is sad to see. We have less freedom then before, yet no one realizes this.