Drupal Module: Google AdSense

A while back I wrote about Search Engine Optimization, which touched a bit on AdSense. I also wrote a tutorial on how to use Google's AdSense with Drupal.  Well, the time has come to make this a module, and here it is : the Google AdSense Drupal module. It is not as feature complete as I want it to be, but will do the job for most sites. Wish list includes:

  • Have different colors for different ads. This will allow you to style the left sidebar different from the right sidebar
  • Allow certain roles/users not to see ads (e.g. paying subscribers)

Go ahead and install it and make some money!



Simple adsense tutorial required please

I'm like out of my depth with all this Drupal stuff

I have installed and configures but putting it on my site doesnt seem to work..

I dont get how to set a block as PHP..

has anyone done a video tutorial for this? because I cant understand the written instructions.

When i use adsense injector the adds show fine but the article they are on becomes hidden.


Adsense Link colors

Hi - how can I change the default link color for AdSense ads? I have designed the ads with a particular palette that matches my site but the ads do not server up with those colors. Where is this defined?