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Sun Microsystems acquires MySQL AB


Today, it was announced that Sun has acquired MySQL, for $1 Billion.

Sun's CEO, Jonathan Schwartz is an avid free software/open source. He wrote on the acquisition saying that Sun is "putting one billion dollars behind the M in LAMP". 

Sun's track record in free software has been lately impressive, starting with NetBeans, OpenOffice,ZFS, and even Java itself.

OLPC received well in a remote Peru village of Arahuay


The OLPC has started deployment to schools in some countries.

The way the students interact with it, learn how to use it, and interact to each other is already amazing. There are stories of school drop outs coming back to school for the sake of the laptop, aggressive kids who become experts in the OLPC, and help others out using it, and more.

Windows Vista performance slow for you? Here is how to make it faster


I don't use Windows myself, let alone Vista, since I am an open source advocate, and have no need nor desire for Windows.

That being said, I had a brief encounter with Vista. I bought a laptop, which as all of today's computers, comes with Microsoft Windows Vista. As I always do, I reformatted the drive and loaded Kubuntu on it.

Asia/Pacific chooses open source because of security


IDC has a report titled “The Momentum of Open Source: Adoption Plans and Challenges in Australia, Korea, India and the People’s Republic of China”.

As you can see from this blog post summary, security factors in very high on the list of criteria. "Budget constraints" and "better management tools and utilities" are next.

Help document Drupal and Open Source around the world: Support Noel Hidalgo


Drupaller Noel Hidalgo is traveling the world in seven months, on a budget of $7,777.

The purpose of the trip is documenting Drupal, Open Source, free cultures, social innovators, and global change, as well as many other aspects of his experience.

Check the web site, aptly named Luck of Seven.

Noel met Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert, In Antwerp, and interviewed him.

The Mythical Man Month: Dilbert style


The Dilbert cartoon strip has a very funny, yet telling one today.

Pointy Haired Bossess (PHBs) often treat number of sheep in a herd like number of programmers on a team. So, for a project that requires 300 man days, the PHB hires 300 people to finish the project in one day!

Hint: See The Mythical Man Month for more details. 

Also see it in the archives.



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