Money laundering spam: vacancy for Paypal account manager

Recently, I have seen a surge in spam email advertising an "agent" or "representative" for a company to collect money on its behalf and keep a percentage. A friend's daughter received the following email.

Dear Pamela [not her real name] I'm Linda Wilson, Manager of Royal Capital LTD company. On site i have found your resume and want to offer you the vacancy of "PayPal Account Manager". Job description: The major duty of the PayPal Account Manager is to process payments between our clients and our company via PayPal system. You will get 15 percent per transfer. Salary: 500$-3500$ per month. Benefits of this vacancy:
  1. Flexible work schedule, work 3-5 hours per week.
  2. Possibility of your career rising.
  3. Home-based.
  4. Ability to take unlimited vacation (without guaranteed salary).

Minimal requirements:

  1. You must have PayPal account with Verified bank account.
  2. At least 18 years old.
  3. Internet and Email skills.

If you need more information click here ( If you want to apply for this job please fill the form ( If you’ve got some questions about this vacancy F.A.Q. ( and can’t find the answer to them address to our support ( . And we are sure to help you Best regards --- Linda Wilson

It seems that these fraudsters are not the ordinary garden variety of advance fee fraud. They have gone through the trouble of setting up an elaborate web site which advertises the position Paypal account manager. The site is registered through a proxy in New Zealand (, and resolves to an IP address in Malaysia.The site claims they help people in countries that do not have Paypal:

Nowadays the world trade develops extremely fast and various international payment systems. They become more and more popular. Billions of people buy and sell something every minute. But unfortunately not all of them have ability to use PayPal services. PayPal payments is available not in all countries.We help people to process PayPal payments. Our main task is to help people from small countries (such as Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ukraine, Philippines, Slovenia, Russia, Croatia) in receiving funds via PayPal. Our main office is located in Estonia, Kohta-Larve, Sqpruse 40a-1. And at the same time we increase number of our offices in other countries. At present time there are our offices in Latvia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia and Slovenia.

Incidentally, these are also countries with lax laws or corruption that makes prosecution of fraud difficult or impossible.They even have a documents section with a PDF employment agreement, and company registration.My guess is that this is a distributed money laundering scheme. Other hackers fool people into giving their Paypal account information via phishing or key loggers. If they transfer the money into one account, the activity will be suspicious. However, if they convince 1,000 innocent people to play middlemen, then it is less likely to be detected.



Same thing

I got the same email from someone claiming to be from I knew right away it is a scam of some kind. I looked into it for fun and saw the same things everyone else did, I especially liked the broken english they use on their website and the "legal" .pdf documents. It gives me the urge to submit the "contract" just to see where it would go from there but, of course, I woudn't, did anyone get that far?

I fell for it

I fell for it Unfortunately!!! :( The money they put into your account appears to be electronic transfers from stolen account numbers, RESULTING IN STOLEN MONEY IN YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT. Paypal freezes your account and puts you under investigation, but only after the western union transfers go overseas of course, leaving you with hundreds if not thousands of dollars negative on your account and a lot of explaining to do with U.S. Law enforcment. Please do not play around with these scammers.

re: check spams

the same thing happened to me, i got the check -- good check, it cleared after couple days, during these days, I was on and off requested by the scammer for transferring the money for settling the URGENT things -- like doing the surgery, my wife got the car accident, money for the studio with the deadline.
I held up until it is cleared, the scammer gave me the info to Nigeria and sent via Western Union, I got the info with the internet and I refused to do this transfer as I know that this is doing the money laundering activity, this amount still with me and I was requested to pay them back, but no respond after I told them that I have reported to the police...........

same letter different company

My letter was the exact same, but from a different site.

"Usfin Standart"

I would think that there would be a way to hold responsible for some of this, as they are the ones that allow these people to steal our information.

Obviously I never respond to such emails, but I hope people start wising up because many do. There are such things as good deals and great jobs, but they are few and far between. No one is just going to give you money like promised in these emails unless it is totally illegal.

Well what i wanna know is

Well what i wanna know is what happens if you keep their money and dont send them anything? Lets see could the scammer get scammed by a poor person? If anyone has done this post please i want to hear the story!!

Law enforcement

Law enforcement will come after you, since this money is ill-gotten. And because you never forwarded any of it to anyone, you will be the sole criminal on trial for that offense.

In short: do not do it.
Khalid Baheyeldin

I have had these scam too

"Thank you for this site. I also got the same email and noticed something weird including this sentence at the bottom of one of the pages:"

I am so glad that i found this site also i have recieved several scam emails of late and i can now tell quite easily which are which thanks to this page.

Thanks again

Global Financial

I unfortunately I fell for a job offer through a company called Global Financial Group it was processing payment for Paypal or so I thought I never received and payment for my work I did however process some payments for them. I even verified the company with Paypal they said that they did do work for them and have in the pass I checked out this company every way I could and had no reason to not think that they were on the up & up. Now all the payments I processed for this so called Global Financial through Paypal has bounced and Paypal is trying to come after me for the Money and now I am sure I will have to hire a attorney. Let this be a warning to all NEVER take a job with some one you can talk to in person or for another country even. And Pay Pal is not on the up & up either so I will never do business with them again keep in mind they backed up Global Financial Group.

TDR International

I had the job offered to me and received 8800.00 in my account. After reading this blog and contacting the FBI, I then called my Bank and told them to send the money back.