Work-at-home offers front ending Money-Mule for cybercrime

Mainstream media is finally covering money-mule scams disguised as a work at home offers.

Cyber crime comes in many forms, whether it is phishing, 419 Nigerian scams, fraudulent cheques or money order scams, and much more. In all cases, money changes hand, and it needs to be funnelled back to the scammers in a way that will hide its origins.

To this end, the scammers recruit often unsuspecting people who are a bit naive, unscrupulous and often greedy. The offer normally comes in the form of someone being an agent for a company, collecting payments and sending them.

By using many of those money mules, the effect is distributed over many individuals making it hard for law enforcement to trace it.

It is good that mainstream media is finally raising awareness on this issue.

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Mainstream media should

Mainstream media should always keep scams on a regular coverage, especially in these difficult financial times. It wouldn't hurt also if we on cyberspace should always be on the lookout.