Sultan Haji Hassanul Bolkiah of Brunei Foundation donation for Islam scam

This scam preys on emotions of Muslims, asking them to donate to a foundation headed by Sultan Hassan Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei.

Of course, a foundation by the name "Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation" does exist. However, it would not need to ask for money (Brunei and the Sultan are oil rich), nor will it do so via an obscure email.

Here is the text of the mail:

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 05:58:13 +0800 (BNT)
Subject: Stand up for Islam
From: "Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah" <>

Greetings in the name of Allah, the most beneficent,the most merciful.

Dear friend in Islam,

In todays world where Islam is being linked to terrorism we muslims have a duty to defend our good religion thereby exonerating ourselves from the negative image being created by western media against our faith. No one else but we muslims can do this for ourselves. Age or gender is not a barrier you can always make an impact no matter who you are.

The sultan of Brunei is currently funding muslims willing to take up a role for the propagation of the good message of Islam. This is the work of ALLAH which we Muslims are called as revealed to his holliness prophet Muhammad(peace be unto his name). We must not continue allowing the western media determine the image of Islam to the whole world.

If you are willing to stand up for our faith please indicate your interest and also a pledge to use any money received judiciously. Then will my international fund managers contact you to raise you a bank draft/cheque. Since this is also a way of paying my zakat(Qur'an 9:60) I am still deciding on the amount you will receive but be informed when you receive the money you use it for the propagation of the good message of Islam for example in radio talk shows , TV , print , internet or any medium prefarable to you like charity works.If you are not in position to undertake this responsibility you may simply pass on any money received to any good muslim within your community who you feel can undertake this project, all I want is good results no matter how money spent.

Your response and any gratitude should be sent to the Sultan Haji Foundation at email: to the attention of my secretary Mr.Yang Mulia Awang Haji or to Mr.J. H.Bin Lunchai. Note that message sent otherwise will not get a reply.

At your leisure you may also view my photo gallery and others by going to website

Best regards,

His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah
(King of Brunei)
Lapangan Terbang Lama
Berakas BB1010,
Brunei Darussalam
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Financial Help

Dear Sir,
I am writing this mail to you with tears and sorrow from my heart. I have a special reason why I have decided to contact you, is due to the urgency of my situation. I'm a Bangladeshi. You know Bangladesh is a third world country. Still 40% of its population live under poverty line and unfortunately my position is here. I'm a simple government service holder.There are six members in my family. The month end salary amounting of US $565.00 from my job is the only source of income of my family. I'm not in the position to bear my family expenses. I've two school going daughters. One is in grade 10 and the other is in grade 6. I can't meet their tuition and boarding fees. Besides, I took a loan of US$70,000.00 against mortgage of my house @ 5% per annum interest and invested in a restaurant business for the good of my family. But unfortunately, I have run a heavy losses in my venture. A few days back I sent an intense message to my friends describing my present situation. My confidence was that some ones would come forward, but all of my efforts ended in smoke. Now knowing you as a great friend of poor community I'm approaching you as a last resort and out of utter helplessness to render me immediate succor. My appeal might surprise you as it has always been against my principle in life. But life is more real and important than a principle. Your kind support to a poor family is deeply appreciated. If you have questions, concerns or just want more details, please contact me on [deleted].

Faruque [deleted].

request for financial help for poor children's education

This is an example of how my web site is thought by some to be the web site of the Sultan of Brunei:

To serve the Rural society Selflessly we, the like minded Group of Ladies have started Chaitanya Vidyalaya ,a rural school at a small village, Murkwad, Tq:Haliyal dist Uttarkannada, Karnataka in India in 2000. The Vidyalaya provides them Value Education including the Ever Super Principles of His Holiness prophet Muhammad.

Our Vidyalaya has more than 700 children including hundreds of Muslim children studying from LKG to PUC, coming from surrounding 10 villages. Most of them belongs to poorest families whose parents are Agro-or building construction labours & because of no rain since 3 yearsin our area, these families have become so poor that even most of them are not able to pay the least fees of our school. We have also adopted poorest boys & girls from ‘Muslim-Siddhi’communities of our area.

To serve the Rural society selflessly we, the like minded women folk have started this school in 2000 & The Vidyalaya provides them value education including the ever supreme principles of His Holiness prophet Muhammad. we have got very good, dedicated teaching staff.

Most of our Children belong to poorest families, whose parents are Agro- labours & because of no rain here, since 3 years, these families have become so poor that even most of them are not able to pay the least fees of our school . So it has become us very difficult to run the school as we cannot get any donation or help from our parents or Govt. So we eagerly look at you to help us to continue to serve these poor rural children. We can also use the part of your kind donation for the propagation of the good message of His Holiness prophet Muhammad through radio talks , TV Dramas, , Sending Massages ,Arranging Essay, Speech,& Drawing competitions to children, Celebrating the festivals etc. Kindly visit our School & help us by adopting our school for further development & grant us monthly salary of our staff in the name of Allah. So that the dedicated teachers can teach our children more better & dedicated, without their family financial worries. I know that You can listen even our whispers! We pray you with our deep heart to help us with your Sky like heartfelt generosity & Earth like handful gift!

We are Waiting for your divine blessings.

Pl Reply. Thank you His Highness

help for perform umrah

respected sir
can you please help for this .

Another example scam:

Here is another example of a scam:

I got a loan.
I was searching for loan to sort out my bills & debts, then i saw comments about blank ATM card that can be hacked to withdraw money from any ATM machines. I doubted thus but decided to give it a try by contacting there email {[email deleted] @ gmail. com} they responded with their guidelines on how the card works. i'was assured that the card can withdraw $5000 instant & was credited with $500,000.00 so i requested for one & paid the purchasing fee to obtain the card. 72 hrs later, i was shock to see the DHL agent in my resident with a parcel{card} i signed and went back inside and confirmed the card works after the agent left. This is no doubts because i have the card & has made used of the card. This hackers are abroad based hackers set out to help people with financial freedom!! Contact on there website [url deleted]

poor people help

sir i not understand english. sir i live in pakistan one house in my steert very very poor in 4 sister only and here monther father is death please help for family please please

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt. Saya Muhammad Nazir bin Abdul Ghani, ingin memohon bantuan dana pendidikan pengajian di luar negara. Sejajar dengan itu dilampirkan surat permohonan dan dokumen yang berkenaan dengan pengajian saya. Mohon jasa baik dari pihak tuan untuk mempertimbangkan pemohonan ini.

Sekian, terima kasih.

help the poor children in india

l am 37 year a normal self emploed indian people. I want to help our poor children in my district west bengal in india. I am very sad to see our country children. I personally help them but I have not enough money to help many other children.So please sir help some money for help them.
My contact - +91[deleted],email [deleted]


Another scam email:


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Dear sir
Assalam alaikum


Another example of scam emails:

Hello Everybody,
My name is Ahmad Asnul Brunei, I contacted Mr Osman Loan Firm for a business loan amount of $250,000, Then i was told about the step of approving my requested loan amount, after taking the risk again because i was so much desperate of setting up a business to my greatest surprise, the loan amount was credited to my bank account within 24 banking hours without any stress of getting my loan. I was surprise because i was first fall a victim of scam! If you are interested of securing any loan amount & you are located in any country, I'll advise you can contact Mr Osman Loan Firm via email [deleted]