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Canadian mobile market starts seeing effects of increased competition



The mobile market in North America is badly fragmented, due to
different carriers using different technologies (CDMA vs. GSM), different frequencies for different companies (AWS, 2100), and locking of phones to the carrier.

This fragmentation strengthens the stranglehold of the carrier on the customer, who has a higher barrier switching from one company to the other.

Industry lobbyists still call for more balkanization of the market, by adding more frequencies, against standardization.

Mobile phone carriers lobby for more balkanization by asking for more "spectrum"



This is misinformation, fearmongering and industry lobbying at its worst.

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) is alleging that carriers need more radio waves, because consumers are using more bandwidth and have more connected devices than ever before.

Monitoring bandwidth usage by individual computers in a home network



Update: I have finally found an adequate solution, which is using wrtbwmon, a bandwidth monitoring tool for OpenWRT routers. You can download it from the previous link.

Original article follows ...

Anyone with more than a couple of computers on a LAN will sooner face the issue of increased bandwidth usage by someone on the LAN. Be this teenagers downloading via torrents, employees watching YouTube and Facebook videos, or other reasons.

Microsoft and the dumbing down of generations


Sometimes, things happen or you hear them, and an bulb lights up! Something is revealed to you.

Years ago, I experienced such a moment, from a 10 or 11 year old: my daughter Suhaila.

For some reason the stove that was only a year old, displayed a blinking "8:88" in the timer, and did not respond to buttons pressed.

After trying for a while, I told my wife jokingly: "Well, I guess we will pull the plug. I wish we had Ctrl-Alt-Del on it". To my utter surprise, Suhaila, my oldest daughter said: "Yeah, Ctrl-Alt-Del is very good. It is so useful! It solves all problems you have!"


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