Forged cashier cheque scam email from Uganda

Sometime back, I posted an article about a scam email that I got. Basically, it was from someone who offered to buy something from me. It turns out that they offer to send more money than the item is worth, provided you wire the difference back to them. The cashier cheque turns out to be forged, and you lose money in the deal. This time, it is from someone who wants to buy Land Rover Turbochargers in Uganda! I don't own nor sell Land Rover, nor any other 4x4 vehicle. However, my brother Omar has had successive Land Rovers and uses them for desert safaris in Egypt, for example, hare hunting or Rayyan Valley. As a matter of fact, he called me yesterday from Siwa where he was offroading with some friends. This seems to be how Mr. "Mathew" below have decided to catch my interest. Here is the text of the email I got : STAR MOTORS LTD PLOT 65/9 CONRAD HOUSE P.O BOX 1904 MASAKA TEL 256 71 881681 FAX 256 41345597Attn to sales Manager, Dear Sir/Madam. I am glad to introduce my self to you. I am called John MathewMANAGING DIRECTOR, living in Uganda and operating a business in thenames ofSTAR MOTORS LTD Is a well established company based in Uganda , EastAfrica dealing in land rover spare parts.I am inquiring whether you will be in position to supply us with 15 pcsof ORIGINAL TURBO CHAGERS FOR LANDROVER VEHICLES TDI 300.Please please quote cif ENTEBBE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.{EAST AFRICA} best regards, John mathew. Purchasing manager. C/O STAR MOTORS LTD PLOT 65/9 CONRAD HOUSE P.O BOX 1904 MASAKA TEL 256 71 881681 FAX 256 41345597 The  IP address did check out to be from Uganda. The email however, was Sorry Mr. Mathew, but I will have to disappoint you on this. 



Millenium power Trading

Same person contacted me, insisting on a check. I explained we only deal with wire transfers, he is insisting though. Obviously this is not something we plan on following through with.

Would like to know if you had any outcome.

Fraudulous e-mails

This is what I received:

Our company would like to purchase the following: products solar panels solar invertars solar batteries generetors/big size and small size generetors for bulding etc energy saving balbs, like
2u- 3u- 4u esparial etc.
deemer swich
lamp holders
energy saving rihgting
for 240/220v
chain saws
electrical cables
main sweeches
Please send us the prices, so that we can confirm the order accordingly, Hope to hear from you soon.


Mark Johns
managing director of
P.O.BOX 27566

What I find hard to believe is that apparently there are still people gullable enough to even consider doing business with
such "companies". Just a glance at their non-existent website should be enough to make a clear runaway.
Also, is it just me or is doing business by means of cheques still a often used method of payment? I think the last time we
used cheques was over 20 years ago.
When in doubt, why not request payment in advance to your bank a/c? And if they do not wish to do that, just don't take ay risk
and cancel the whole thing.

Hanns Procurement Ltd, WARNING, AVOID THEM!!!

My firm was approached by what seemed to be a legitimate company in Uganda called Hanns Procurement Ltd.

They wanted to buy heavy equipment spare parts and asked that we add 10% commission to all our pricing as they would not allow for any margin beyond 10% to our firm. The total of our offer was over $75,000.

They insisted they would "pay us in advance", and when we proposed wire transfer payment, in a very casual manner they emailed saying their customer who has an account with an American bank, could not send us a wire transfer, but only a check made out against the American bank which they could send to us via courier.

Well, fortunately I read about Uganda check fraud schemes here on your site, The Baheyeldin Dynasty, and I immediately replied to Hans Procurement Ltd that due to check fraud we cannot accept their form of payment, only wire transfer, and we never heard back from them again.

Oh yes, they have a very impressive website this company, but they are a front for check fraud, and especially be wary of receiving email from their representative, a certain "Emma".

Thank you for your website and its forum, it really saved us many problems. I hope this information I have shared will also help others avoid the likes of Hanns Procurement Ltd..