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On Dennis Ritchie, UNIX and Trademarks


In the mid 1990, I came to know of a fungicide being sold under the UNIX name.

At the time, I was working in Saudi Arabia for AT&T after its acquisition of NCR, and the general manager called me in to ask about this matter.

I told him that from what I know, trademark law does not cross domains. This means the use of UNIX in domains other than computers is permitted.

I send that info to the late Dennis Ritchie, the father of UNIX, and he put it on his site under Other UNIXes.

Upgrading Mandrake Linux 10.0 to Mandriva LE2005 10.2


In February 2005, Mandrake Soft of France and Conectiva of Brazil, announced that they merged. Shortly afterwards, in April 2005, they announced that they are changing their name to Mandriva. Then they released Mandriva Limited Edition 2005 (LE2005) which is what Mandrake 10.2 should have been.

Since I have several machines at home, all running Mandrake, it was time to start the annual upgrade to stay current.

How to setup a modem with Linux


Recently, broadband internet has become so common that the use of modems has dropped dramatically. It has been many years since I had to configure a modem on a computer, let alone do so on Linux. However, modems do still have their uses. I bought a used 3COM 5610 PCI modem in order to be able to fax from Linux, and had to relearn how to configure a modem on Linux again. So, here is what I did.

How to setup NIS for a Linux network


As my home network expands, the time I spend doing administration tasks on it increases. As machines are added, I am required to add users to each machine, and mount directories so they are backed up on the server. By implementing autofs the problem of users' directories is solved. For users, I decided to implement NIS to centralize user administration.


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