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Internet fraud: Scammers claiming that their scams are true, and that friends have made money


The scammers are pretty brazen and try to convince others that their scams are true.

Here are some examples:

1. A scammer vouches for a scam that he promotes, for example: for the Email fraud: qualifying for the Cadbury Foundation cash aid, he adds a comment saying:

Name: James Arnold
IP Address:
Subject: They are true.

My Friend made his money from this same email, last year.

Email scam: professional personal assistant for an electronics company


Here is another scam offering a job of "professional personal assistant" for a fictitious company.

From: Jond Donald
Subject: J&C Electronics Pvt.Ltd

Good day,

We are glad to offer you a job position in our company [J&C Electronics Pvt.Ltd] As part of our Multi Level Marketing Network, we seek capable individuals to work for us as our International representative In Arab such as KUWAIT,UAE,QATAR AND SO ON.

Email fraud: Qualifying for Cadbury Foundation cash aid


This is one more scam

Subject: Cadbury Foundation Qualification code (09cfqc741)
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 08:37:08 -0500


Government Buildings,
Otley Road,
LS16 5PZ

Date: 07-07-09
Subject: Notification for Cash Aid

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to notify you that you have been chosen By the Board of trustees of the Cadbury
Foundation based in the Ireland, as one of the recipients for 2009 Cash Aid for your own

Internet scams: claiming to be law enforcement (police, FBI), and verifying other frauds

As the scammers get more seasoned, they also become bolder, and more "creative".

Here is a set of emails that were sent to me by various scam attempt recepients.

They claim that they are law enforcement, from Metropolitan Police in the UK, to the FBI, and others.

They all warn the prospective victims of all the scams on the internet and then proceed to vouch for the very scam they have sent earlier to the same person, giving him a false sense of verification and validation.

From: Police Metropolitan


Internet loan fraud: claiming to refer to reputable loan firms


Here is another twist on fraud on the internet. This fraudster claims to be a private "consultant" and offers to refer you to a reputable firm.

Has all the markings of West African fraud: introduces himself as "Madam", has a last name of Smith, and uses a free web email address.



Good day everybody,

My name is Madam Sandra Smith a private consultant.

Mistaken Identity: BMW car company, new name for BMW


As a side effect of publishing lots of fraud emails on my site, people often mistake my site for the alleged lottery winning for that company/entity

This is the first time though that I get an email mistaking my site for one of those companies, but not related to lottery winnings.

The company in question is BMW, and someone says that they have a new name for the new series from BMW.

From: Ms. L M [name withheld]
Subject: New Name for new series of BMW's

I have a name I think would be very suitable for a car of the BMW magnitude.  

Car for sale fraud: selling a car much lower than market value


Here is another fraud attempt. The scammer advertises a desirable car for much less than market value, then claiming that the car will be shipped.

The car in question in this case is the fuel efficient hybrid Toyota Prius. While it sells for $19,000 used for 2004, this scammer said he is selling a 2007 for $5,400.

Here is an email chain about this.

From: me
To: Lorraine Thompson  


I saw your ad for a Prius:

2007 TOYOTA PRIUS , 40000 kms, $5400, Pre-owned, 2007 Toyota Prius with option package 2.

Ontario Man defrauded of $150,000 in email scam

A 22 year old unemployed southern Ontario man says he now owes his friends and family $150,000 after international email scam artists bilked him of the funds by convincing him he was about to inherit a fortune. The man lives with his Mennonite parents in a simple wartime home in Leamington, 50 km southeast of Windsor.

Via the CBC.


Mistaken Identity: Request for Quotation on Pumice Powder

A while ago, I wrote an article on pumice on south Mediterranean coast: a remnant of the Thera eruption? This is mainly from observations from my childhood days being intrigued by the pumice embedded in the sand stone.

After I posted it, I got a few emails offering or requesting pumice as a commercial supplier.

Here is one that is a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for


Hijacked email account scam asks for money transfers


A new scam is becoming more prevalent. It centers on hijacking innocent people's email, and sending fake messages asking for money transfer.

A Wellington P.E.I. woman is the latest such victim, following 98 other people in Canada, according to the RCMP.

Someone cracked her email account, and sent an email on her behalf alleging that she is in England, lost her wallet, and can't pay the hotel bill. The email asks the recipients to send money.

Overall, the 98 caused people to lose close to $3 million.


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