Mistaken Identity: BMW car company, new name for BMW

As a side effect of publishing lots of fraud emails on my site, people often mistake my site for the alleged lottery winning for that company/entity

This is the first time though that I get an email mistaking my site for one of those companies, but not related to lottery winnings.

The company in question is BMW, and someone says that they have a new name for the new series from BMW.

From: Ms. L M [name withheld]
Subject: New Name for new series of BMW's

I have a name I think would be very suitable for a car of the BMW magnitude.  
I mentioned it to many acquaintances whom all agree it is a worthy name for such 
a vehicle.  I would love to share this name with you if you would be interested.  
Please email me back as I have also emailed some other higher priced car builders 
as well.  I am also looking to get the name patented but if you are interested 
there would be no need at this point. Of course there would be a privacy agreement 
signed etc. Thank you,  I truly think you will  be impressed.



Claim for wining lottery from BMW Automobiles

I have received mail on 16th Feb.2010 stating that I am a winner of $750,000.00 british pound and I need to pay Rs. 15000 for custome duty and than I will be getting my money. But I inquire with my friends and google and I realised that it is frough case BMW is not announcing any promotion lottery wining activity. Friends please be ware of such fraudulent people.